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Alex V

Alex V is in charge of implementing a plan to guarantee that all Health Product Pro content is written in an empathic and inclusive tone. She also supports cross-functional efforts with medical research insights. The University of Florida awarded her an MPH with a concentration in community and mental health. Alex brings to Health Product Pro a wealth of knowledge from her work in clinical trials, health education, and community-based research. For her work in the fields of culturally relevant public health and violence prevention, she has lectured at national conferences and authored peer-reviewed journal articles in these areas.

Rudolf Anderson

Medical integrity is maintained by Rudolf Anderson, who conducts research and leads the site’s ad and affiliate verification initiative. With a PhD in human nutrition from the University of Edinburgh, he’s well-versed in the academic research process and ready to contribute. He was a writer and medical reviewer for Health Product Pro before beginning his current role as Medical Research Manager.


Our recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition guides are backed by scientific research and guidelines from experts. The information on our website can assist you when you go grocery shopping, eat out, eat on-the-go, cook at home, and more-to help you stay healthy, fit, and feel your best.


In addition to our editorial staff, we have reporters with extensive experience in news, publishing, nutrition, health, and lifestyle reporting. In addition, we operate independently from our advertisers and/or outside influences, and uphold the highest ethical and professional standards in journalism.

In order to ensure our content is medically accurate, timely, and accurate, we enforce strict editorial guidelines to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of our content. Our stories are compiled from internationally recognized news sources, academic journals, research institutions, as well as peer-reviewed studies.

​​Ad & Sponsorship Policy

Affiliate programs, advertisements, and sponsored content provide funding for Health Product Pro. By partnering with our advertisers, we can offer more conditions and provide a broader range of experiences. These include video, animations, and expertise from a wide range of experts. Our editorial independence cannot be compromised in any way. Sponsors are not allowed to influence the content we create, other than broad topic areas.

To prevent advertising from getting in the way of editorial integrity, we follow specific ad and sponsorship guidelines. Advertisements on Health Product Pro are chosen by our editorial team and are completely separate from editorial content, as are all advertisements and sponsored content.

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