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Product Name: Back To Life

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Author Name: Emily Lark

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Is your lower back pain bothering you? Are you unable to travel or sit for long hours at your desk? There are many treatment options and supplements, but you never know which one is reliable.

To get relief from your back pain, you should consider trying Back to Life Erase My Back Pain as it is a natural way to get rid of your backache.

Emily Lark’s Back To Life uses a therapeutic method that can help naturally unlock the body’s inherent strength and start working towards a strong toned core and tall effortless posture with just ten minutes a day.

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What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a video system that aids individuals in achieving a healthy back. With the use of simple and cutting-edge tools, this system is anticipated to resolve back pain naturally.

What makes it an exception is that the entirety of Back to Life focuses on select movements that help to protect the back while bringing the spine and hips into the ideal placement.

Some of the other core benefits of the program include:

(i) Stress Release: As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, the system is designed to help eliminate any lactic acid (or its associated derivatives) that may have built-up in our bodies, thus allowing for amazing short-term tissue relaxation-related benefits. Not only that, the exercises outlined in the program have been found to regulate the release of certain toxic hormones that have been clinically found to have an adverse impact on our physical health.

(ii) Helps Spur One’s Energy Levels: The creator of this program is fairly confident that if users follow the exercises prescribed by her in the aforementioned system properly, they will be able to restore their youthful physical capabilities within a matter of a few weeks. Not only that, the exercises have been designed in such a way that they can help users lose weight even without them trying in the slightest.

(iii) Holistic Design: Even though the Back To Life System is designed to bolster one’s spinal efficiency, it is also quite useful when it comes to strengthening other parts of the human body as well (such as one’s thigh muscles, calves, etc.).

(iv) Mood Enhancement: A number of recent studies have suggested that chronic back issues can result in decreased serotonin secretion within our bodies. For those of our readers who may not be aware of what serotonin is, it is also referred to as the “happy hormone” since it helps calm the brain and elevate one’s mood states quite seamlessly.

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Who is the creator of this program?

Emily Lark is the creator of Back to life back pain program . She has been working as a yoga and pilates trainer since 2004. Her unique teaching style made her famous in Chicago within no time.

Her passion for back relief comes from her personal hurdles, as 12-year-old Lark was left with chronic back pain because of a car accident. This pain continued well into her adulthood, which prevented her from working for nearly a year. Through extensive research, she used certain techniques for optimal healing, and these are fundamental in Back to Life. Check out her social media account and other details on the official website here.

How Erase my Back Pain-Back to Life works?

Pain in the body is caused by a silent killer called REPETITIVE TRAUMA that makes you suffer. It gives you more stress on your body that makes you feel the most pain. This internal damage can be due to the modern technological world which results in a dangerous health condition called CROSSED SYNDROME. This makes the fault line from imbalance muscle or postural distortions and pulls the pelvis out of alignment.

This improper alignment in discs, nerves, and joint makes it stressed that makes the back violently spasm. Hence, Emily created this Erase my Back Pain-Back to Life program with the simple stretches that can realign the muscles and makes you free from the pain. This strategy also helps those who cannot get down to the floor.

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What is included inside this program?

According to the official website, the author of this exclusive program has made several research to find the cause and solution stretches for pain. Hence this program is combined of ancient stretches and core strengthening techniques. The creator has included:

3 part back to life video system: This video helps to know how to get back your alignment through firm stretches.

3 simple dietary changes: List of foods that can stop inflammation and kick off your back pain on the same day.

Unusual bed time position: This session aligns spine and back when you sleep which protects you from pain.

Goal post stretch: This stretch supports to release the tight neck and shoulder muscles and also kicks out the stress.

Standing technique: As per the site, Proper standing will give you a stronger core and taller posture that protects you from slips and falls.

Four moves for ageless spine: It consumes less than a minute for regulating your discs and provides back freeze. Read the Real Customer Feedback and testimonials of Erase my Back Pain Here

Cost And Where to Buy?

You can purchase this program from the official website for only $37


Back pain is an important issue that needs to be addressed the moment it is felt. Not only does it limit one’s independence, but it also has the potential to prevent one from sitting, standing, or even bending over. In fact, when the pain is excruciating, it can extend down to the leg or even upwards, resulting in extreme stiffness and bed rest.

With Back to Life, individuals will be introduced to an array of movements that claim to rid one of the back-related issues. Though meds evidently plays a role here, individuals will no longer need to worry about prescription drugs of any sort. This process is as natural as it gets, which is likely reassuring for most consumers. In addition, Emily Lark’s experience in the field, especially as an instructor (since 2004), appears to validate the system in place.

As soon as you get your Back To Life, you will have a full 60 days to see and try the whole program. 

And if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your health and back pain issues, all you need to do is shoot an email to the support team, you will be immediately refunded with every single penny of your entire purchase, no questions asked.  Emily Lark wants this program to help as many people as possible.