Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Let’s examine the best sex positions for erectile dysfunction ED treatment. If you suffer from the most common form of erectile dysfunction, it’s probably an inability to gain a firm erection or maintain one long enough to enjoy sex.

While there are many herbal supplements and prescription drugs out there designed to cure erectile dysfunction, they aren’t necessarily the safest way to try to fix the problem.

Why not consider using sex positions for erectile dysfunction that are both safe and effective? In fact, some of these sex positions may actually be more enjoyable than conventional intercourse!

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Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED
Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

1) DOGGY STYLE – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

The classic position for a sexual encounter. There have been songs and jokes about it for decades, possibly even centuries. In addition, it is a good intercourse position for guys dealing with ED.

As you squeeze and engage your pelvic muscles, you can stop or accelerate the thrusting of your penis, ensuring you are getting the proper sexual arousal at your head and shaft.

A rigid hard-on is maintained during sex if visual arousal is maintained. Moreover, this position allows blood to easily flow to the penis and keeps you relaxed.[1]

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2) REVERSE COWGIRL – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED
Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

With a woman standing on top facing away from the man, reverse cowgirl is visually and physically stimulating. This promotes blood flow to the penis by keeping the body relaxed in a prone position.

While reverse cowgirl is one of the best positions to watch full penetration, it also allows for excellent friction and allows you to grab, touch, and rock your partner on top of your penis while you squeeze and engage your pelvic muscles.

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3) WOMAN ON TOP – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

In contrast to reverse cowgirl, this position involves the woman facing you. It is one of the best positions for men with ED. As a result, you’ll have a full view of your partner, can watch penetration, and feel tremendous visual stimulation. 

The woman is able to see the base of your manhood, and you are able to provide clitoral stimulation to her while relaxing and enjoying her breast movements. [2]

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4) SPOONING – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

The spoon position allows you to have maximum body contact with your woman or partner, who is lying next to you, both lying down next to one another.

In addition to ensuring good blood flow throughout your body and manhood, being able to touch all of your partner’s body parts, keeping you in control, and providing strong physical and visual stimulation, this position allows you to stay relaxed.

Additionally, you have the ability to keep track of how quickly you move in and out of the partner while remaining relaxed.

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5) ORAL SEX – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Even though oral sex isn’t considered a “sex position,” it can be beneficial for a man suffering from ED. You can arouse yourself and relax your body by engaging in cunnilingus before intercourse.

In addition, oral sex can also be used as a way to take a break, stimulate yourself, or simply simply enjoy your partner during an ED episode.

Also, don’t forget to incorporate quality sex toys into your romantic activities. Making the most of your bedroom time is something that they can help you with.

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Having seen what a good sex position is for guys with ED, let’s see what a bad sex position is.

Can you guess what it is? It is also the opinion of your doctor. Most people prefer this position in regards to their sexuality. Drumroll…


It’s true! It is a position that is strenuous and not visually or physically stimulating. The missionary forces you to support your entire weight during intercourse, which draws blood away from the penis.

This is a physically demanding, stressful, and uncomfortable experience that does not allow you to touch your partner freely or watch penetration from a comfortable vantage point.

It is the most uncomfortable form of sexual contact for people who worry about staying hard during sex.

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It is more likely that you will be able to maintain a rigid hard-on with the right sexual position. It is possible to improve your sexual performance and prevent erection problems by taking the below steps. Consult your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Consider all treatment options and do your research. Getting in shape will help you in the bedroom. 

This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption, and exercising your pelvic muscles as well as your other muscle groups. 

Take advantage of the equipment you have. Engage in frequent sexual relations. Get to know the best sexual positions and techniques for reducing the symptoms of ED. 

Find out how to improve your health and performance by overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Managing Erectile Dysfunction – Best Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction ED

Sex position for ED
Sex position for ED

Sexual positions can be adjusted to make you and your partner comfortable with common sense. Here are some tips that may make the experience better for both of you:

  • Enhance sexual excitement. Getting an orgasm and giving an orgasm to your partner does not always require your penis. If you have erectile dysfunction, using your hands, your mouth, and using your imagination can be a more enjoyable and easier experience than traditional sexual intercourse for you.
  • You must find the right time and place. Try to have sex at a time and place where you feel relaxed and unhurried. Don’t rush into sex or attempt to have sex when you are overtired or anxious.
  • Feel comfortable. The colder your room is or the less comfortable you are in bed, the harder it will be to maintain good blood flow and an erection. For a relaxing and blood-flow-enhancing shower before sex, try taking a hot shower together.
  • Drink responsibly and in moderation. It’s been proven that a little alcohol can alleviate erectile dysfunction by relaxing you and enhancing your sexual experience. In contrast, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, any drug that constricts blood vessels can result in problems with erections, including caffeine and nicotine.

Erectile dysfunction and sex positions do not work the same way for everyone. Make your sexual environment comfortable and relaxed by finding positions that work best for you. The secret to more exciting sex is to enhance your intimacy with your partner.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction during sex?

There are numerous therapy methods available. Oral pills like sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), avanafil (Stendra), and tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis). They are only effective when you are sexually stimulated. They normally begin working in 15 to 45 minutes.

How can I arouse my husband’s interest in ED?

These six recommendations can help you manage with your partner’s ED.
Experiment with something new. “Very often, a big, big initial step is just increasing arousal,” Kerner explains.

  • Remove the stress.
  • Have a discussion.
  • Take your guy to the doctor with you.
  • With medications, you must be patient.
  • Encourage them to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Which sex positions allow men to live longer?

One of the finest alternatives is a position you may be familiar with: cowgirl. Simply lie on your back with your lover straddling you.

This position may help delay ejaculation since it puts your partner in control and inhibits you from penetrating as vigorously as other positions.

How many times does a guy become erect while having sex?

People with penises get 11 erections on average per day and three to five more at night, although everyone is different.

Many factors, such as age, hormone levels, and lifestyle, might influence how frequently you become hard.

When do males start having difficulties getting hard?

A quarter of males claimed their erection problems began between the ages of 50 and 59, and 40% said they began between the ages of 60 and 69. Chronic disorders and other risk factors also have a role in ED.

What is causing my erection to fail?

If you have hypertension, clogged arteries, or heart problems, your erections may be weaker than usual.

Diabetes, hormonal abnormalities that might contribute to decreased sex drive, certain injuries, and nerve system disorders such as multiple sclerosis are all physical causes that can cause ED (MS).

Is it possible for a man with ED to attend?

The results showed that 92% of men with ED could ejaculate at least a few times during sexual stimulation or intercourse.

Conclusion: Even men suffering from severe ED report to be able to ejaculate during sexual stimulation or intercourse.

What Are Some Natural ED Remedies You Can Try?

  • Regular exercise is essential. A healthy lifestyle can help you avoid a variety of medical issues, including erectile dysfunction.
  • Consume nutritious foods.
  • Attend a therapy session.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Get Enough Rest.

Is Viagra able to keep you going after you’ve arrived?

In a strict sense, Viagra does not keep you hard after ejaculation. Nonetheless, studies suggest that it may shorten your refractory period and work for 4-6 hours, implying that after your refractory period is through, you should have no trouble generating another erection.