Why Does White Discharge Occur During and After Sexual Activity?

Why Does White Discharge Occur During and After Sexual Activity

White discharge is a white fluid that exits the vagina or penis, including after sexual activity. Some types of discharge are designed to facilitate sexual activity. For instance, cervical mucus lubricates and cleans the vagina. Penile fluid, which passes through the same canal as pee, neutralises any remaining acidity, allowing sperm to pass safely. These … Read more

Sexual Health for Women

Sexual Health for Women

Sexual health encompasses more than simply sexual wellness. Sexual health encompasses the entirety of an individual’s health and well-being. It encompasses all the following characteristics of sexuality: physical\emotional\mental\social According to the World Health Organization (WHO)Reliable Source, sexual health has a broad scope. In addition to individuals, couples, and families, it encompasses communities and entire cultures. … Read more

Female Vitality Blueprint Review

female vitality blueprint program

Product Name: Female Blueprint Review Official Website: Click Here Author: Alex Miller The Female Vitality Blueprint, now available as a program, dispels this misconception by assisting women in having both vaginal orgasms and clitoral and improving digestion, boosting metabolism, and allowing them to lose weight. Female Vitality Blueprint is an easy-to-understand DVD that teaches women … Read more

Attending to the Senses in Female Genital Perceptions

Attending to the Senses in Female Genital Perceptions

She longs for pleasure, but she is deeply concerned about her genitals. Trust me, she is not alone, despite how she may feel. Many folks wonder if they’re normal or if there’s something amiss down there. People are hesitant to receive oral sex for a variety of reasons, with lack of body confidence and understanding … Read more

How to Beat the Heat with Cold Bath

The summer season is all about fun in the sun but one of the things that people forget to do is take care of themselves. As a result, they often get sick with a cold or a fever from being exposed to too much heat and humidity. Fortunately, there‚Äôs a solution for this. A cold … Read more

Yoni Steam – 7 Surprising Facts About Vaginal Steaming

Yoni Steam

The yoni steam is a simple, natural and inexpensive way to help balance your hormones. Some women experience hormonal fluctuations due to their menstrual cycle or other factors, which can lead to discomfort. The yoni steam helps in balancing your hormone levels by providing soothing heat and essential oils for a deep cleanse. It also … Read more

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