Ejaculation By Command Review

ejaculation by command

Ejaculation By Command is a comprehensive ebook that offers a comprehensive approach to overcoming the embarrassing issue of premature ejaculation in men.

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The Ejaculation by Command course is a safe and natural program that helps men improve their stamina and pleasure in bed by teaching them effective techniques for controlling their ejaculation. 

This program does not rely on dangerous medications, uncomfortable exercises, ineffective pumps, or stretching methods, and instead focuses on educating men on how to rewire and retrain their minds and bodies to achieve better control over their ejaculation. 

If you are tired of trying products and techniques that only provide temporary relief for premature ejaculation, the Ejaculation by Command course can help you permanently prolong your climax and gain better control over your ejaculation naturally.

How does the Ejaculation by Command course benefit you? 

By giving you control over your ejaculation and timing, you can increase satisfaction for both yourself and your partner. 

This program teaches you how to stimulate your partner’s erogenous areas to enhance their pleasure, which can make a significant difference in your sexual experiences. 

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Ejaculation By Command is a reliable resource for improving your ejaculation control. It is based on the personal experience of the author and has been designed to help others overcome the challenges that he faced. As a result, you can feel grateful to the author every time you have a successful and satisfying sexual experience.

The Ejaculation by Command program can help you improve your sexual performance in several ways. 

One of the key ways it can help is by teaching you mental techniques to gain better control over your sexual encounters. These techniques can give you more control over the proceedings and allow you to focus on the right body sensations rather than getting too caught up in your thoughts. 

The program includes a variety of techniques that have been tested and proven to work, and it is designed to help you learn and practice these techniques for improved sexual stamina. Overall, the goal of the Ejaculation by Command program is to help you master your ejaculation and become more confident and skilled in bed.

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About Lloyd Lester – The Author


The Ejaculation by Command program was written by Lloyd Lester, a married man who experienced a decline in passion and stamina in his sex life. Lloyd was able to turn things around after meeting someone who taught him techniques for improving his sexual endurance and satisfying his partner. 

The program is based on the techniques that Lloyd learned and includes a comprehensive ebook that combines his personal story with actionable advice. 

The core focus of the program is to provide tips and guidance for improving sexual stamina and lasting longer in bed, based on the knowledge that Lloyd gained from a neuroscience professor at a secret mansion where orgies were held regularly.

Components of Ejaculation By Command

The Ejaculation by Command program is organized into six separate components, each of which addresses a different aspect of the issues that can prevent people from lasting longer in bed. These components are thoroughly detailed and outlined by the author in the ebook. In this review of the Ejaculation by Command program, we will examine each of these components individually.

The Ejaculation by Command Core Protocol

Ejaculation By Command module 1
Ejaculation By Command Core Protocol

The first component describes the neurological changes that occur during orgasm. The author discusses and outlines nine techniques that can be used to enhance sexual endurance and prowess. He describes an ancient Indian muscle relaxation technique. Several techniques are presented in the first component, including:

  • Neurological Hot Button
  • Quantum Arousal
  • Scrambler
  • Pre-game Sequence
  • Pleasure Multiplier Method
  • Titanium Damn
  • Bottomless O

All of these are designed to rewire your brain so that you do not orgasm prematurely. In addition, I must mention in this review that the author does not simply make extravagant claims. He also describes the relationship between each technique and its effect on your performance in bed. This makes it much simpler for the average person to comprehend. The entire PDF is incredibly descriptive. It employs simple language throughout.

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The Audio Companion Protocol

module 2

This programme includes a complete audiobook, which is one of its greatest features. Simply plugging in your headphones allows you to listen to the entire book wherever you are. There are fourteen MP3 audio files. This will enable busy professionals to comprehend the programme while on the go.

15 Emergency Techniques

module 3

The author then provides additional information about various techniques. He recognises that not all methods are appropriate for all men. He presents fifteen tried-and-true methods that can increase your stamina in bed and lengthen your session. This document contains several techniques, including the ones listed below:

Muscle Release Method – The author describes a method that is entirely distinct from kegel muscle control and provides unparalleled control.

Virtual Freeze button – formulated to inhibit your arousal response so as to extend your performance

Refractory Advantage technique – designed to make you three times more durable

Slippery Slope – designed to enhance endurance and maximise pleasure

Ancient Arousal – This technique allegedly offers a 5-minute delay by tapping into your body’s cellular energy.

Now, it is easy to appreciate the significance of this. The author goes to great lengths to offer advice that can be implemented by anyone. For instance, if you have trouble with endurance, you can implement these techniques immediately. This contains a great deal of information. Importantly, it all attempts to address the problem’s root cause.

A Quick Start Guide

module 4

It is important to note in this review that the author consistently respects the position of his readers. A quick start guide has also been added. In this guide, several techniques are offered to help you last longer. A handy guide provides a list of all neurochemical feedback methods and emergency procedures.

Therefore, it’s a great option for those who don’t have time to read the whole guide. A further feature of the author’s guide is that every technique is linked to its original position within the guide. After reading the guide, making connections between the different methods becomes much easier.

Lifetime Updates

module 5

Updates are made constantly to the program. The author regularly updates the program with new research and information. Therefore, older information might be replaced by newer information. Thus, the author added a free lifetime upgrade policy. This ensures that every buyer receives current information about the author’s training methods and research.

Priority Email Support

module 6

Priority support status will be granted to all buyers. The author’s personal email address will be provided to them. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for tickets or support queues. The author will respond directly to them. That’s a very thoughtful gesture. This clearly shows that the author respects your investment.

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Additional Gifts

It doesn’t end here. Three additional gifts are included with every purchase of Ejaculation by Command. A significant amount of value is packed into the entire book by the author. Also, to ensure that people get the maximum value they deserve, which is what they deserve. As part of the package, the following gifts are included:

  • G-Spot Orgasm Secrets: How to Stimulate Her G-Spot And Give Any Woman Intense, Full-Body Squirting Orgasms
  • Female Orgasm Secrets: How to Give Women Insanely Powerful Orgasms
  • Raunchy Sex Secrets: Transforming Your Sex Life in Wickedly Sensuous Ways

As a matter of fact, these are simply training guides. Their purpose is to improve the core offering. You can use these, for example, once your sexual stamina increases. All of them will ultimately improve your sex life. This book simply aims to prevent your sex life from becoming boring again. In addition, he provides you with a lot of information so it won’t!

Guaranteed Money Back


A money-back guarantee is included with Ejaculation by Command. This is actually quite comprehensive. During the first 60 days, you can get a full refund. In case you are not satisfied, what should you do? You just need to claim a refund! The first step is to send an email to the author. You can describe your experience here. The author will refund your money if, for instance, the work wasn’t up to standard.

There is no doubt that the money-back guarantee is quite convincing. It relaxes the mind. Additionally, it demonstrates the author’s commitment to their work. This guarantee will reassure many people who have doubts about such products. In addition, it demonstrates the author’s confidence in the quality of his work.

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When can I expect to see results?

The final question is how long does it take? In the author’s opinion, one night is enough. In Ejaculation by Command, the author claims the quick start guides are sufficient for improving sexual performance on the first night. Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee. Therefore, there is no rush. Take it for a spin for 60 days! If you’re not satisfied, you can always get a refund.

Having a good understanding of the mechanics is essential. In this guide, no superfoods are recommended. Moreover, no audacious claims are made. The focus is instead on overcoming mental obstacles. That’s not all, of course. A detailed account of the author’s own experience is provided in the book. This will enable you to develop a deeper connection with the techniques.

Benefits of the Program

  • Simple to use system
  • 100% natural techniques and tactics
  • You learn how male adult film actors delay their climax for as long as they desire.
  • Attempts to heal your mental state, anxiety, and insecurities, in addition to the physical issue.
  • Enhances your stamina, sexual performance, and self-assurance.
  • Permanently solves the issue by identifying and addressing the underlying cause
  • Contains tried-and-true strategies for eliminating premature ejaculation.
  • No weird equipment, contraptions, supplements or pumps are required
  • Digital download permits secure, private use on one’s own smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee permits a risk-free trial period.

Downsides of the Program

  • Digital programmes have many advantages, including immediate access, private use, and the ability to download content to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. However, this also means that you will not receive a physical copy of the book.

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As a final note, I would like to point out that it is very well written. Everything is explained in pristine detail by the author. In addition, he offers simple, direct advice. These techniques can be used by anyone. Sexual performance should improve as a result. Then you can always get your money back if it doesn’t!

In addition to the guide, the buyer receives three additional gifts that are of immense value. If you’ve been struggling to last longer in bed, this might be the cure for you. However, it isn’t a miracle cure. Consistency and long-term effort are required. You may not get the desired results if you don’t practice.

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