Attending to the Senses in Female Genital Perceptions

Attending to the Senses in Female Genital Perceptions

She longs for pleasure, but she is deeply concerned about her genitals. Trust me, she is not alone, despite how she may feel. Many folks wonder if they’re normal or if there’s something amiss down there.

People are hesitant to receive oral sex for a variety of reasons, with lack of body confidence and understanding about their genitals being important deterrents.

Many people are concerned about how they smell and taste. Some people are concerned about the appearance of their genitals. Some are concerned about the possibility of performance concerns, such as orgasmic response disorders, due to personal issues with what’s between their legs.

This is very bad because your attitude about your genitals is such a vital part of your sexual encounters and your ability to let go and enjoy yourself fully.

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Perceptions of Genital Organs

According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, good opinions of one’s genitalia not only correlate positively with partaking in sexual behaviours such as oral sex, but also with enjoying such acts.

How you feel about your private parts may be more important than how you feel about your overall appearance. One study at Old Dominion University discovered that impressions of the body during sexual engagement may have a greater influence on sexual functioning than self-assessment of physical appearance.

According to research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, people who are content with their bodies are more confident in their ability to deliver sexual satisfaction to their partners.

If they haven’t already, lovers must recognise their genitals as a desire playground. Do you require additional motivation? Individuals who are satisfied with their bodies have more sex and are more likely to have orgasm.

Can your gal claim to have made friends with her genitals? There has been a lot of effort in recent years to improve female opinions of their genitals, but not nearly as much has been done for males.

People are typically extremely critical of themselves when it comes to what’s below the belt, becoming agitated because they don’t appear “ideal” down there. And they aren’t if they compare themselves to the idealised images of waxed, makeup-covered, and even surgically enhanced genitalia in porn magazines and films.

Ironically, no one, including the models, resembles those porn stars. Many of us, however, are guilty of holding everyone to high and unreachable standards!

According to the Canadian magazine See, women who had seen sexually explicit materials in magazines and movies acknowledged to comparing their genitalia to the models portrayed, focusing on the “abnormalities” of their own genitals.

This is important since a study published in the Journal of Sex Research indicated that women who had cunnilingus scored higher on self-rated bodily attractiveness measures than those who had never had someone go down on them. The researchers concluded that the more attractive people perceive their bodies (and faces), the higher their sexual esteem and ability to perceive themselves favourably as sexual partners.

So the key to your gal finding the attractiveness in her genitals is for her to recognise — and embrace — the truth that her appearance is normal for her. Because no two genitalia are same, your girlfriend is an awe-inspiring artwork to be worshipped with you between her legs.

Her “Appearance”

It is unusual to come across a female with a totally symmetrical vulva. However, many women feel conflicted about what is “normal” versus “perfect,” even going so far as to seek custom-made vaginas.

Vaginal resculpting may involve labiaplasty (a nip and tuck of her inner and/or outer vaginal lips), vaginal liposuction (for plumper, softer labia), and clitoral hood reduction, which can cost thousands of dollars (where skin tissue around the clitoris is trimmed).

Despite this, the most majority of women have amazing inner labia, clitoris that can range from little to huge, and some hair on her mons pubis, outer labia, and anal orifice (at least prior to removal). This is the typical and natural appearance of the female form, not what vaginal resculpting promises.

Genital Examining

Adding insult to injury, when it comes to her groyne, some lovers have been known to evaluate a partner’s genitals for failing to fulfil arbitrary societal standards. They are irritated because their partners do not resemble the current Penthouse centrefold.

Make it your purpose to investigate the enormous assortment of vulvas available, which are frequently found in educational human sexuality literature or promoted by sex-positive advocates such as Betty Dodson.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone is unique and distinct when it comes to what’s between their legs. That is part of what makes each individual appealing and sexy. She must accept what Mother Nature has given her!

Instead of trying to mend something that isn’t wrong, she should concentrate on her confidence. She must learn to love and cherish the pearls she carries between her legs if they are to reach their full potential. The rewards are enormous!

So sit down with her and enjoy her body, learning what gives her genitals character and emphasising what you like about them. This could be the colour, shape, folds, plumpness, protrusions, etc. of her vulva. Request that she do the same for herself and your portions.

Remember that being different is normal, and your capacity to respond sexually and experience and share pleasure has nothing to do with how she looks, but rather how well she can embrace her complete sexual self. One method to help her is to tell her that you’re totally content with what she has.

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Pubic Hair and Passion

People wear their pubic hair in a variety of styles, with colour, amount, and texture varied widely. Some go completely naked, while others seek for a specific style, such as the Brazilian, and still others maintain what Mother gave them.

Nature provided them. Getting a hair stuck in your throat while pursuing desire in the midst of pubes can happen, causing significant anguish and distress to those who have been there. So, how do you avoid such situations?

The simplest method is to run your fingers through your lover’s pubic hair ahead of time. Massage her pubic area as part of foreplay, shaking loose any stragglers who could try to trump your game.

If the hair down there persists, or if you believe that less is more, consider hair removal as a kind of foreplay or a romantic intimate session in and of itself. Lovers can spend an afternoon or evening removing one other’s hair and pampering each other with a sensual bath and sexual massage.

Hair removal can range from snipping the hair around or on the outer lips of her vulva with manicuring scissors to shaving, waxing, tweezing, or using depilatories along the bikini line.

Lovers can have fun experimenting with different looks and even colour on sometimes, considering that your pubes will almost always grow back, albeit itchy and uncomfortable at first.

P.U. vs. Passion-Inducing Smell

Every one of us has a distinct signature scent, and we could do a better job of appreciating this natural aphrodisiac if we weren’t constantly assaulted with smell-like-roses advertising.

Sweating, as you are surely aware, can intensify genital odour. Avoiding synthetic (polyester) underwear, tights, pantyhose, and Spandex clothing that does not allow the genitals to breathe will help to reduce unpleasant odours.

Cotton underwear and exercise clothes, as well as loose clothing in general, are the most effective at circulating air about the groyne. Otherwise, bacteria can multiply and thrive in a sweaty atmosphere, causing unpleasant odours.

Diet can also affect the odour of one’s sweat, so avoid consuming too much sugar, coffee, and alcohol, as these can make the genitals smell bad. Deodorants of any kind should be avoided because they are not intended for use on the mucous membranes of the genitals and may contain chemicals that irritate and induce an undesired reaction.

Females, in particular, have been indoctrinated into believing that they must smell like morning dew or blossoms 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to commercials such as those by Massengill and Summer’s Eve.

It’s time for a reality check if she’s her own harshest critic when it comes to fragrance. She must keep her expectations in check. It’s hard to be shower fresh all the time, but most givers like that their partners maintain a certain level of cleanliness as well.

Humans are expected to have a scent, even if they are not supposed to smell squeaky clean. So be sure to emphasise the times when you think her vaginal region smells heavenly.

Her Aroma

Every female has a typical vaginal odour of some kind, with most women’s scents being described as like plain yoghurt, somewhat pungent and sweet.

The same bacteria (lactobacilli) live in both habitats, which explains the shared odour. This aroma shifts throughout her menstrual cycle as her hormones fluctuate, becoming stronger or milder. Her personal cleanliness, food, and genital health also have an impact.

Her perfume is quite natural and should not be considered a problem unless it suddenly turns nasty (e.g., fishy) or overpowering, which could signal an infection (e.g., trichomoniasis or yeast infection) or another medical problems. If this is the case, she should see her doctor to establish the source of the strange odour.

Pre-Oral Hygiene and Scent

Though smell-good items may appear to be the ideal way to begin an evening of oral pleasure, the vagina is self-cleaning, and most products on the market will simply disrupt the way her reproductive system maintains itself. Some of the products she should avoid include:


It is not suggested to rinse the vagina with water or a specific solution (sprayed into the vaginal canal via a tube and nozzle). While women were formerly advised that using a douche would help them to reduce odours and wipe away secretions, these items actually interfere with the vagina’s capacity to regulate itself.

Douches sweep away the beneficial bacteria that line the vagina and change the pH of its naturally acidic environment. Douching can potentially transport vaginal infections to the fallopian tubes and uterus, as well as cause illnesses such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Deodorants for vaginal use.

These are unneeded and may irritate or harm vaginal tissues or the external genitalia.

Perfumed Soaps and Other Items

Deodorant soaps, bubble bath, and coloured toilet paper are just a few examples of the many goods that include chemicals that might irritate the vagina and external genital area.

To maintain her natural perfume while being clean, she should wash her vulva with warm water and a light, unscented soap, such as Cetaphil, Purpose, or Phisoderm, taking care to carefully wash between her inner and outer lips. Other safe and simple methods she can enter oral activity feeling pristine include:

Baby wipes are being used.

Pubic hair should be kept to a minimum so that it does not retain sweat and scents. Applying talc-free and cornstarch-free baby powder on the genitals.

For a “European shower” impression, spritz a few drops of a favourite scent near her pubic bone.

Use soft solutions when injecting liquid into the rectum and colon to avoid discomfort or wounds that could lead to infection. Enemas should also be used sparingly because they can interfere with the body’s elimination mechanism as well as the rectum, colon, and gastrointestinal tract.

Understand that an enema does not treat or prevent infection transmission, including the spread of HIV. Regardless, before analingus, it’s a good idea to wipe the anal region as thoroughly as possible using a damp, soft washcloth.

Taste: Developing into a Fine-Dining Experience

Unless you’re using protection, your taste receptors are likely to notice some level of salty when first going down on someone, however your lover may taste tangier or muskier at times. Her flavour is frequently sweat and discharge, which is influenced in part by her food.

Garlic and onions, for example, have strong scents that can affect taste. Her flavour can also be influenced by what you’re used to and what you’ve been eating. Lovers who consume a lot of soy sauce, for example, may not notice its effect on physiological fluids as much as those who use it sometimes.

Your lady can choose meals to improve your pleasure by being delectable herself. Encourage her to sweeten her secretions by eating citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.

Finally, you’ll need to experiment with your diets to see how they affect your whole experience. This includes not just the foods and beverages themselves, but also the amount consumed.

Exercise may also have an effect on her taste, especially since we “sweat out” so much of what we consume. If she’s concerned about her taste, she should try tasting her vaginal secretions the next time she masturbates or the two of you fool around (assuming she’s in good sexual health). However, how delicious she is ultimately depends on your palate, which you cannot be criticised for.

Be encouraging.

Whatever her problem is, she must feel capable of overcoming it in order to improve her oral pleasing. Coming to respect her genitals and body is something she must do for herself — and her sexual delight — and may necessitate enrolling in a human sexuality course or receiving sex counselling or therapy to address any underlying issues.

Meanwhile, the best thing you can do is be a source of comfort, comforting her about how much you love all of her body parts and telling her how much you enjoy pleasing them — and how much it would mean a lot if she would allow herself to do the same.

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