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All orders of Folital capsules come with a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase through the official website

Every year, millions of men and women suffer from balding, though the symptoms may not always be the same. Many people have thin hair that is visible on their scalp due to thinning hair.

Depending on how far their hairline recedes and how badly damaged it becomes, other people experience a completely different loss. Some solutions can have a significant impact on this problem, but people still believe this cannot be stopped.

By taking Folital daily, the company claims that you can regrow lost hair and prevent permanent baldness. Take two tablets daily to regain lost hair and stop balding forever.

Folital, does it work? Does this supplement have the same false promises as many others? To learn more about Folital, keep reading.

What is Folital?

Dr. Robert Cyrus developed Folital, an alternative to prescription medications and topical solutions that can be harmful to the skin.

As Dr. Cyrus explains, hair loss is neither a genetic problem nor a lifestyle issue.

Various enzymes are not being triggered or lost due to hormonal imbalance. Users will gain the benefit of 29 ingredients to restore the health of their hair, and no toxins will interfere with it.

With Folital, the consumer hair loss industry will be considerably changed.

Instead of washing the scalp with invigorating products or exposing the follicles to laser therapy, the creators believe that the hair loss is caused by a poison in the body.

It is important to eliminate the poisons that can be causing harm to the body in order to promote hair growth.

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It claims to be strong enough to revive any hair follicles that users have lost throughout their lifetimes.

In an attempt to preserve the industry’s millions of dollars in restoration formulas and surgical procedures, it is supposedly ignored by the doctors and other experts.

This threat, however, does not undermine the effectiveness of the program.

How does Folital work?

The following five stages describe how it does its job:

Stage 1: 

You need to get your body’s nutrients in the first stage. Folital provides a variety of nutrients right away after swallowing a capsule.

In addition to Vitamins, plant extracts are also necessary for hair development and regrowth.

Stage 2: 

Your body will be cleansed of various metals and toxins that could cause your body harm during the second stage.

The toxins must be eliminated in order for your hair to grow fully without any issues such as graying, thinning, or falling.

Stage 3: 

The reason this stage is so important is that many customers start seeing amazing results during this stage.

Their smooth bald surface finally sprouts some follicles. Those who have waited for years to see hair growth will be delighted with this achievement.

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Stage 4: 

It’s time to kick out your scalp problems in the fourth stage. Whenever you suffer from scalp itching, redness, swelling, dandruff and yeast infection, you’ll have severe and recurring scalp problems. They are all treated with nutrients and vitamins.

Stage 5: 

After completing stage five, your hair issues will be resolved and your overall health will be improved. A deficiency in vitamins or minerals will also disappear along with your hair issues.

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Folital Ingredients

The website lays out the formula fairly well, but doesn’t go into detail about all the ingredients. Instead, they emphasize a few, namely:

Vitamin B1, B2, and B6

In addition to preventing illness, the B vitamins and biotin trigger hair growth in a way that has never been seen before.

It is crucial for the body’s health to be able to process various nutrients (like fat, carbohydrates, and protein) in a healthy manner. In addition to improvements in energy levels, B vitamins also support brain function and cell metabolism.


On the other hand, biotin is a naturally occurring protein found in the hair, skin, and nails. Many people take it as a supplement to help with the formation of these tissues.[1]

By combining these first two ingredients, the body already receives all the nourishment it needs to rid itself of excessive heavy metals.

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The first step to regrowing hair is stimulating hair growth in the follicles, so anything that can support that process is helpful.

These next three ingredients; psyllium husk, bentonite clay, and flaxseed, make up a proprietary blend consisting of ten ingredients.

Psyllium husk

This part of the formula is dominated by psyllium husk, a natural substance used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for providing users with nourishment.

Aside from helping the user deal with environmental stress, such as pollution, it also acts as an adaptogen. A psyllium husk supplement helps the hair and scalp adapt to the psyllium so that the growth of hair is not hampered.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay has been used for centuries to support many different types of hair conditions. As the foundation of the rest of your hair, your scalp’s health is crucial.

As a result, nutrient-rich protein facilitates thick and full hair growth providing adequate nourishment for hair follicles. Through naturally reducing toxins, it pulls out these toxins from the body and skin, reducing excess oil in the skin.

This incredible source of trace elements, such as zinc, calcium, and iron, is a wonderful addition to any home. Usually included with probiotic supplements, it improves flora within the gut.


It eases anxiety as well as supports a better mood and reduces hair loss when added to this formula.

Stress can reduce the strength in the hair follicles, causing more hair loss than normal, even in consumers who live a relatively relaxed and calm lifestyle.

The omega-3 fats and fiber found in flaxseed can help lower blood pressure and keep it from rising uncontrollably. Additionally, they provide protein, which is essential for healthy hair.

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Folital Pricing and Refund Policy

A bottle of Folital costs $69, although the price drops to $44 when ordering multiple units.

As a quick snapshot, here’s what your price breaks down when you order online:

Folital comes in bottles containing 60 capsules (30 servings). Folital can help you regrow hair if you take two capsules daily.

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buy folital
All orders of Folital capsules come with a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase through the official website

Folital is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t see any results within 60 days of your original purchase date or if you are unhappy with the results for any other reason.

Conclusion: Folital Review

The Folital supplement is one of those exceptional products that provides an immediate and long-term solution for treating hair problems. We now know that hair problems are quite embarrassing, don’t we?

You must have been to different dermatologists for scalp issues, hair loss and thinning, and balding problems. Yet you were probably given the same pills as before.

These do benefit you for a short while, but only while you are consuming them. Folital is the only product that will protect your hair and scalp from permanent damage because only it can fix hair fall problems naturally.

The majority of the beauty you see in the mirror depends on the condition of your hair. If you have ever wished to be proud of how you look in the mirror, you should know that your hair contributes greatly to your looks.

You should nourish it with vitamins, nutrients, and ingredients that will help it reshape and restore itself.

You can buy Folital here right now at a special discounted price.