7 Different Foods for Quick Weight Loss

Is it necessary to give up sweets, French fries, and red meat when going on a weight-loss journey? No, not always. Making room for healthier nutrition doesn’t have to entail a complete overhaul or giving up your favourite meals. The following list features 7 different foods to consume for quick weight loss in a week.

1. Oatmeal or eggs instead of sugary cereals

oatmeal for quick weight loss

It’s a bad idea to start your day with sugary cereals laced with preservatives. They are not only high in hazardous preservatives, but they also have very little nutritional value and are high in calories.

For a weight reduction breakfast, you might substitute protein-rich eggs or oatmeal. To satiate your sweet appetite, you may always add natural sweets like dates, raisins, or honey to your oats. [1]

Having a protein-rich breakfast is also a good habit to develop because proteins aid in weight loss by keeping you satiated for longer.

2. Use a fruit bowl rather than desserts for quick weight loss.

fruit salad for quick weight loss

Desserts must be your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss if you have a sweet appetite. Desserts, unfortunately, are high in refined carbs like maida and filled with butter and sugar, which might set you back in your weight reduction effort.

The solution is to keep your house stocked with delicious fresh fruits and to utilise a fruit bowl. Then, whenever you have a sweet craving, top it with some almonds or yoghurt combined with a little honey to offer a sense of creaminess and crunch. A quick supper for quick weight loss.

3. Use homemade beverages instead of sweetened beverages.

Food for Quick Weight Loss - home made drink

As a quick refreshment, it’s common to reach for a can of aerated beverage or a can of juice. However, many of us are unaware that these and other energy drinks include dangerous substances in the form of preservatives, as well as significant levels of sugar and, thus, undesirable calories. [2]

Buttermilk,  smoothies, coconut water, fruit or vegetable juice, and traditional Indian drinks like mango/Aam Panna or kanji are all healthier choices. These will provide the same refreshment you want without adding extra calories to your system and will help you lose weight.

4. Instead of sweets, make homemade protein bars.

You can eat a homemade protein bar if you want something sweet soon after a meal. Protein bars are packed with nutrients and can fulfil your sweet taste. They can be made with nutritious nuts, seeds, grated coconut, and jaggery.

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5. Choosing lean meat over processed meat expedites weight loss.

You should avoid processed meats like sausages and bacon at all costs because they go through the grilling, fermenting, salting, and curing processes.

This type of beef has been manipulated to extend its shelf life. Instead, choose for a fresh, leaner cut of meat, such as chicken or fish. Of course, it’s higher in protein and lower in fat, and it’ll help you build those muscles.

6. Use Homemade Ghee Instead of Cooking Oil

How To Use Ghee For Weight Loss
Ghee For Quick Weight Loss

Ghee is widely regarded as a harmful fat by many people. However, nutritionists have repeatedly maintained that desi ghee is a nutritious fat that is beneficial to general health. It aids in the removal of stubborn belly fat and is high in nutrients.

Furthermore, ghee contains important amino acids that aid in the mobilisation of fat cells in the body. It also aids in quick weight loss without increasing your calorie intake.

7. Nuts over Chips for a Healthier Diet

nuts to eat for weight loss

Snacking can be challenging while on a weight loss programme. We’re always looking for something to snack on, and these meals shouldn’t cause us to gain weight.

We have a fantastic snack alternative for you; whenever you crave a savoury snack, choose almonds over chips. Nuts are high in protein and include a lot of beneficial fats. Simply grab a handful of nuts and roast them in desi ghee to make a healthy snack.

Conclusion – Foods for Quick Weight Loss

When you’re on a diet, it’s critical to consider which meals can help you lose weight. Some foods that are thought to be healthful may not be useful for weight loss.

Excessive consumption of these foods may be adverse to weight loss. One must carefully consider their possibilities.

Finding nutrient-dense healthy foods, controlling portion sizes, and minimising junk food can all assist to speed up the weight reduction process.

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