Garlic for Weight Loss: Proven Benefits and Recipes

garlic for weight loss
garlic for weight loss

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes blood, sweat, and a lot of effort to get rid of excess body fat. Unfortunately, there are no fast cuts to becoming a better and fitter version of yourself! We do, however, have healthy and active ways to accomplish the same.

Garlic is one such substance that can help you lose weight. Yes, this fragrant plant offers several health benefits that have been known since ancient times.

This bulb-shaped medicinal herb aids in the reduction of fat and its accumulation in a variety of ways. Let’s learn more about it below:

How Garlic Aids Weight Loss

How Garlic Aids Weight Loss
How Garlic Aids Weight Loss

Garlic is an essential ingredient in Indian cooking since it is frequently used to enhance the aroma and flavour of dishes. Aside from improving the flavour of meals, the herb is also recognised to aid with weight loss.

Its essential elements, including as vitamin B6 and C, fibre, calcium, protein, and manganese, play an important part in the burning of unhealthy fat.

Including garlic in your diet boosts energy levels and enhances metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more efficiently. It also functions as an excellent detoxifier, clearing away toxins that are harmful to the digestive system.[1]

Here are a few homemade recipes that will help you lose weight and require little to no preparation.

Begin by incorporating garlic into your daily routine.

1. Lime-juiced garlic

Take a cup of lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of lemon juice and 1-2 crushed garlic cloves to it. While it’s still warm, combine all of the ingredients and drink immediately.

Because of the presence of vitamin C, this divine combination of both components will not only stimulate weight reduction but will also assist to reduce free radical damage and enhance immunity.

2. Honey with raw garlic

Peel off the outer skin of 2-3 garlic cloves. Crush the peeled cloves and combine them with the honey.

Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes before consuming the concoction. This concoction boosts immunity and lowers the danger of seasonal colds and coughs.

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3. Tea with ginger, garlic, and lemon

Take 1-2 garlic cloves and combine them with a small piece of ginger. Grind them until they form a fine paste. Now, in a pot, bring around two glasses of water to a boil, and add the paste to the heating water.

Allow the entire concoction to boil for around 5 minutes. Allow the concoction to simmer for 10 minutes, covered. Strain the mixture and add the lemon juice at the same time.

If you don’t like the flavour of the concoction, add some honey to it to improve it. This mixture greatly promotes digestion and aids in the removal of toxins from the body.

4. Honey-covered unpeeled garlic cloves

Remove the outermost covering for this recipe, being careful not to peel the clove cover. Now, fill a mason jar with 3-4 cloves and cover with raw honey.

Refrigerate the mixture for a few days. Allow the goodness of the two to permeate for a few minutes before consuming the wonderful combo on an empty stomach.

In the long run, this combination will benefit your overall immunity, heart health, and skin health.

5. The Advantages of Garlic Milk

garlic milk
garlic milk

Many people are unaware of this magical medicine! This meal will help you lose weight while also keeping your gut healthy and happy.

  • 1 cup of raw milk
  • 5-6 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
  • a sprinkle of black pepper
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons organic honey (to enhance taste)

Crush or crush the garlic cloves. To optimise health benefits, crush the garlic at room temperature and set it alone for 10-15 minutes to activate an enzyme reaction that increases the beneficial components in garlic.

Now, heat the milk in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Add the crushed garlic, black pepper, and turmeric to the boiling milk. Simmer over low heat until the garlic softens.

Remove the mixture from the heat and pour it through a strainer. Drink the combination when it’s lukewarm, with a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it up. This formula improves general digestion and significantly decreases migraine discomfort.

Garlic’s Other Health Advantages

Garlic aids in the treatment of colds and infections.

Garlic consumed with warm water can aid in the treatment of diseases such as cough and cold.

Aids in immune system boosting

Antioxidant molecules such as ally disulfide, allyl cysteine, alliin, and allicin have been shown to protect against free radical damage. This improves immunity.

It lowers blood pressure.

Garlic contains sulphur, which stimulates the formation of nitric oxide in blood arteries. This relaxes and increases their suppleness, lowering blood pressure and lowering the risk of strokes and artery hardening.

It possesses anti-aging benefits.

By ensuring free flow of blood throughout the body, hydrogen sulphide, a chemical found in garlic, can reduce artery hardening and prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Allicin, another chemical, is claimed to have anti-wrinkle qualities. Along with the aforementioned chemicals, Vitamin C in garlic aids in collagen formation, promoting healthy skin.

Aids in the cleansing of the liver

Garlic includes selenium, a mineral that aids in liver detoxification. It can also activate liver enzymes, which can assist your body in naturally flushing out impurities.

Aids in the rise of oestrogen levels in women

Menopause causes a dramatic decline in oestrogen levels, which can be compensated for by consuming dry garlic on a regular basis, resulting in healthy bones.

The Appropriate Amount of Garlic to Consume

To assist you achieve your goal of losing weight with garlic, you must not only learn how to consume it, but also how much you should take on a daily basis. Fortunately, following a garlic diet is simple.

You only need one or two medium-sized cloves per day to utilise in your meals. If you buy a large quantity of garlic for the next days, keep it in a dark and dry place.

Check the garlic before using it in your recipes because it may grow or, worse, go rotten. Bad garlic should be discarded, although sprouting garlic can still be utilised when the sprout has been removed. The flavour will be slightly different from that of fresh, but it is still safe to use.

Advice, Caution, and Precautions

  • Consume no more than four raw garlic cloves every day.
  • Patients with heart conditions, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, should see their doctor before consuming garlic.
  • Heartburn, flatulence, reduced blood pressure, and stomach discomfort are all possible negative effects of ingesting raw garlic. If you see any of these symptoms, stop consuming garlic.
  • Garlic should be avoided before any surgery since it can interfere with anticoagulants.
  • Garlic should be avoided by asthmatics.
  • Garlic should be avoided if you have recently had cuts or surgery since it prolongs bleeding.
  • Avoid fast food, fried foods, and fatty foods.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Avoid binge eating, smoking, and drinking.
  • A fantastic weight loss plan would be incomplete without physical activity. To burn extra calories, take a 15-minute brisk walk or practise yoga on a daily basis.

Including Garlic in Your Diet

Garlic may not instantly make you drop 10 pounds, but it will provide a pleasant boost to your weight-loss quest as well as a slew of health advantages. It’s also insanely simple to include into your regular cuisine. Consider the following diet-friendly options:

  • Make an omelette or scramble with minced garlic in the morning.
  • Salad dressings can benefit from the addition of minced garlic.
  • To cut through the richness of your guacamole, add a few cloves.
  • Make some garlic lemon tea.
  • Garnish some cooked vegetables with minced garlic.
  • Toast a slice of bread, butter it, then sprinkle it with raw minced garlic.
  • Toss some garlic in a pan with whichever vegetables you have on hand.

Eating raw garlic is the greatest method to reap the most health benefits from this peppery veggie. If you must cook it, crush or chop the garlic and set it aside for 10 to 15 minutes before adding it to the fire. Many of the health benefits of garlic will be preserved as a result.

Getting Rid of Garlic Odor

Consuming garlic on a regular basis is simple, but dealing with the odour can be difficult because it can linger in your breath for a long time if you don’t keep it away.

Chewing fresh mint or parsley is one of the most efficient ways to remove garlic odour. This will make your breath smell better and fresher.

Summary – Garlic for Weight Loss

Garlic, without a doubt, is a herb that will enhance the flavour of any dish. Not only does it improve the flavour and smell, but it also helps with other health benefits such as weight loss.

The nutritious bulb of food contains manganese, phosphorus, and calcium, which provide a potent punch of health advantages.

So, regardless of what you’re eating, a little of garlic won’t hurt! It is still beneficial to consume whether it is raw, uncooked, or cooked.

Now that you’ve learned about the health benefits of garlic, you won’t mind ingesting one or two to reap the herb’s many advantages.

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