Healthy Homemade Treats for Kids

Healthy Homemade Treats for Kids
Healthy Homemade Treats for Kids

Kids, especially in the summer, enjoy savouring evening savouries as soon as they get home from an exciting playing session. Kids can eat delicious snacks without throwing tantrums, from a quick ‘utterly butterly’ sandwich to a bowl of burrito. However, if you try to feed them the same old snacks, you may have a difficult time. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some simple snack ideas for kids in the evening.


Carrots are good for you, and nuts are good for your kids, so make a Carrot Cake for them. Whole wheat flour is used to make the carrot cake. This eggless cake is rich in texture, has a pleasing appearance, and is a delectable treat. The cake’s deliciousness will keep your child coming back for more. And this nutritious snack will aid in your child’s development by combining the nutrients of carrots and whole-wheat with a rich flavour that is sure to tempt!

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Who doesn’t enjoy a perfectly baked, attractive brown cookie? This delectable snack for your children is also simple to prepare. The snack, which is made with Pearl Millet flour (which has its own health benefits) and Almonds and Cashews, combines the best of taste and nutrition. Bajra cookies are crunchy and delicious. They are a filling dish for a child in the evenings or at other times of the day when they need a snack. The flavour will appeal to children, and the nutritional value will keep the health quotient high. The combination of nuts and milk is a great source of energy and essential nutrients for growing kids.

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Banana Sandwiches are a tasty snack made from ripe bananas. Bananas are a great source of fibre and carbohydrates that your children can consume as they grow. The delicious sandwiches have a crispy exterior and a soft interior. The snack is a lovely combination of bread and healthy bananas that have been smashed and sweetened to create a delectable taste. These sandwiches are made in the traditional way in South India and are so delicious that your kids will want to eat them all!

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Is your child anti-vegetable? There’s no need to be concerned! Broccoli cutlets, in addition to being high in nutritional value, are also high in flavour. For the kids, it’s an exciting delicacy. Depending on your child’s preference, the cutlets can be served with tomato ketchup or mild green chutney. The calorie-dense snack will supplement your child’s overall nutritional intake while also keeping him or her happy and active for the remainder of the day. These are healthier and more nutritious alternatives to junk food.


The oat banana muffin is a great choice for sweet-dish fans. Oats and bananas, two huge sources of energy, come together in the form of a cupcake to satisfy your child’s hunger as it is a good source of high-calorie intake; induces energy. The muffins are easy to digest, making it even more enjoyable for the child to eat. It is recommended that ripe bananas be chosen because they are more suitable for younger children.

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