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Product Name: Male Elongator

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Male Elongator

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No matter how much we try to deny it, there are already social experiments and scientific research backing up the fact that “Size matters.” Unfortunately, the average size of the penis in America is only 5 inches and that is not enough for the satisfaction of women.

Also, the confidence and masculinity you feel can be affected with the size of your penis so that is another problem having a small penis brings.

It’s a good thing that the size is actually not affected by hereditary genes, height, weight, and age but is because of a chemical in the body that blocks the growth of the penis.

So yes, it is possible to grow the size even when you are already an adult but this is only possible with the help of the right kind of supplement.


Male Elongator Overview

Product NameMale Elongator Pills
CategoryMale Enhancement
Main BenefitsHelp your penis growth be better and have stronger erections.
Main IngredientsHawthornEpimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed)Muira Puama (potency wood)
Administration RouteOral
DosageTake 2 pills every day
Result30 days
Alcohol WarningNo Restrictions
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
Price$69.00 per bottle (Check for Discount)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

How Does Male Elongator work?

Male Elongator contains a blend of potent ingredients that work to increase the penis size. Often, penis enlargement depends on several factors, human growth hormones, and testosterone levels. The supplement works to complement these processes, which helps the brain eliminate the barriers responsible for low sex drive.

Male Elongator usually works in different stages;

Stage 1: The ingredients and nutrients are absorbed rapidly

Since the formula contains natural ingredients, the formula’s essential nutrients are rapidly absorbed into the body after consumption. When this happens, the body starts to detoxify all the harmful toxins inhibiting the human growth hormone.

It also repairs the damaged endocrine system and supports the cellular growth of the penis. And since the ingredients are natural, they are assimilated instantly and start working immediately.

Stage 2: Instant healing starts

Once the toxins are eliminated, and all the essential nutrients are absorbed in the body, healing starts right away. And though the healing time varies from one individual to another, an improvement is seen as far as penis size is concerned.

This stage entails a potent combination of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E. The supplement clears the brain’s path to the penis and allows it to send signals to start the regrowth process. As a result, this increases penis size.

Stage 3: Penis grows in length and girth

In this stage, the penis length and girth increase substantially without any undesirable effects. Consequently, this helps to treat the common effects of erectile dysfunction. Damiana Leaf and hawthorn extract are vital ingredients that enhance testosterone levels. They also flush out toxins and increase blood flow. Additionally, they enhance circulation to start the growing process.

Stage 4: Energizes the body

Fortunately, consuming this supplement regularly can also enhance a person’s energy levels. No special exercise or dieting is required whatsoever! Just follow the dosage instructions and enjoy overall wellness.

During the fourth stage, you’ll start to enjoy the formula’s amazing results but ensure you take it regularly for long-lasting results. And since this supplement is so powerful, all the body cells start to rejuvenate and transform. In addition to penis growth, Male Elongator also eliminates bad cholesterol and helps with digestion.

Besides supporting weight loss, taking the supplement regularly regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and hence is recommended for diabetic patients. Moreover, the supplement makes you healthier, happier, and stronger, minus any side effects.


Male Elongator Ingredients

With 89,000 men increasing their penis from 3-4 inches and more, you’ll probably be asking what Male Elongator uses as ingredients. It contains 10 powerful ingredients that are carefully picked among the highest quality and combined in a formula that will trigger the growth of your penis’ size.

Saw Palmetto – It enhances the quality and health of the sperm. It also treats the effects of a common penis disorder known as Benign Prostate Enlargement.

Inosine – It improves the function and shape of the cavernosal muscles and promotes firmer and fuller erections.

Cayenne – This vital ingredient is believed to act as a vasodilator. It increases blood flow in the penis and provides firmer erections during intimacy.

Oat straw – Besides eliminating unwanted fats and increasing energy levels, it also enhances brain health to improve one’s memory.

Hawthorn Berry – It has antioxidant properties that help to eliminate free radicals responsible for cell damage. Additionally, it treats the adverse effects of erectile dysfunction.

Epimedium Sagittatum – This ingredient works to sustain healthy erections to help users enjoy healthy sex life. It works by blocking all the toxicants that prevent firm erections.

Damiana Leaf – It boosts stamina to enhance a person’s sex drive. It also helps to treat anxiety and depression and enhance sleep patterns as well.

Tribulus – It supports the production of vital sexual hormones that support fertility. It also treats erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

Muira Pauma – Besides increasing libido and overall energy levels, it allows users to maintain a firm erection and enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience.

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Benefits of using Male Elongator

1. Increased Libido: The pills boost the production of testosterone in your body which leads to an increased libido. This elevates your sex drive and makes you energetic.

2. Harder erections: When you take the pills, they give your penis firmer, stronger and longer erections. This makes your penis tough and hard which plays a good role in your sexual sessions.

3. More power to stay: in your sexual interactions, the pills give you more staying power by increasing your penis’ capacity to hold the blood.

4. Enhanced penis: not only erections but the pills increases the size of your penis too. This leads to big penis size and wants to grasp more.

5. Confident performance: Male Elongator Pills helps you gain the confidence back in you and you perform well in bed.

6. Satisfied partner: the pills enable you to satisfy your partners’ needs and sexual desires. This improves the quality of your sexual life and eventually your whole life.

7. No prescription needed: You don’t need to get a doctors’ prescription to start with the pills. You can simply buy them and start consuming them.

Drawbacks of Male Elongator

Only available online on the official website.

Male Elongator Price & Where To Get It?

Male Elongator Dietary Supplement comes in three different packages that conveniently offer you four, two, or single bottles at discounted rates. These are:

  • 1 Bottle, 30 Days- 69 USD
  • 2 Bottles,60 Days- 118 USD
  • 4 Bottles,120 Days- 196 USD

Remember that the authentic Male Elongator supplement is offered only on their official website and these prices are part of a limited period promotional discount.

Male Elongator can be purchased from the official website which is the safest way.

You get a 60-days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee with all three packages as well.

Male Elongator pricing

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Conclusion: Should I Buy Male Elongator?

From increased penis size to improved libido and sexual satisfaction, we have seen how many men have gained using Male Elongator Supplement.

As already said in Male Elongator pills reviews, its results are real and effective. It offers comparatively fast results that last with consistent use and your dedication.

All in all, this could be the remedy that can finally help you with your secret, dark sexual embarrassment. Male Elongator supplement can boost your sex life and provide happiness for you and your partner. It helps you make passionate, long-lasting love and build a stronger relationship

We recommend you give this a try if you are tired of a dissatisfying and debilitating sex life.

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