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Neuro Balance Therapy is the secret to ageing with buo yancy. Here is why it is a ten-second sanctuary en route to a new life.

Neuro Balance Therapy Review

Have you ever witnessed a man in his early seventies chuckling as his friends struggled to maintain balance?

It may sound strange, but Neuro Balance Therapy makes this a reality. Dr. Chris Wilson introduced this 10-second life-changing exercise to prevent people from falling.

Numerous individuals fall at least once per day, and over two million fall annually. Surprisingly, the problem is prevalent not only among older men, but also among men in their 30s and 40s. This suggests that age is not the sole reason for the decline. Instead, experts believe it is caused by inactive nerves in the feet.

If you have fallen previously, there is a strong likelihood that you will fall again. The inactive nerves increase your risk of falling by 20%. Sadly, some self-proclaimed professional trainers are unaware of this, which may exacerbate the situation.

The good news is that we have tested this therapeutic method, and it is effective. Consequently, here is the truth about regaining your stamina and preventing falls.

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Neuro Balance Therapy Overview

Neuro Balance Therapy is a programme designed to prevent tripping and falling by enhancing balance, strength, and body stability. The programme restores the body’s natural capacity to become more mobile and robust with each step.

The Neuro Balance Therapy Program involves a simple daily exercise that takes only a few minutes. The objective is to reactivate and revitalise the peroneal nerve in the feet. Dr. Wilson states that the peroneal nerve controls the muscles of the lower body.

The treatment awakens your dormant nerves and restores your stamina, strength, and dexterity; consequently, you will no longer fall. As Dr. Chris Wilson witnessed his family’s decline prior to the development of this therapy, he felt pain. Then, he decided to find a permanent solution to his mobility issues, and thus Neuro Balance Therapy was developed.

You can perform mild, soft, and gentle exercises at home as part of the therapy programme. These exercises require no specialised equipment other than a firm chair and a nerve-stimulating spike ball. When you purchase a programme package, the ball is included.

Chris Wilson has divided everything into novice, intermediate, and advanced categories. Therefore, everyone can develop at their own rate. It is essential to perform these exercises on a regular basis to achieve the best results.

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  • Needs no prior fitness experience
  • It comes with complete instructions on how to avoid slipping and falling; it increases stamina and balance; and it prevents slipping and falling.
  • Restores peroneal nerve function
  • It does not require specialised equipment
  • It aids in the holistic development of your muscles and nerves
  • It includes supplementary materials for the exercise.
  • Ensures cost-effectiveness
  • Entirely secure and natural, with easy access


This is only accessible through the official website.

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Benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy

Dr. Chris created Neuro Balance Therapy after treating hundreds of patients with balance issues. These exercises are beautifully divided into three stages to help awaken dormant nerves in the feet and build stability.

Prevents Your Falling

Neuro Balance Therapy focuses on enhancing your walking technique in order to prevent falls. Thus, you can avoid injuries such as broken bones and increase your productivity. When your balance system is functioning properly, you will react to trips more quickly, thereby decreasing your likelihood of falling.

Fixes Age-Related Stability Issues

Stability requires coordination between the inner ear, the brain, and the muscles. If these organs do not cooperate reasonably, you will lose coordination during balance exercises. The Neuro Balance routines are designed to target all three systems, allowing you to overcome some age-related balance issues.

Improves Mind-Body Coordination

Mind-body synchronisation in humans ought to be robust. However, modern comforts do not support coordinated development. Neuro Balance exercises, especially those performed with spike balls, facilitate the development of mind-body synchronisation, allowing you to adapt to any situation without anxiety.

Functioning of Neuro Balance Therapy

Therapy is less difficult than it once was. Chris Wilson’s FDA-approved workout provides excellent advice for preventing falls.

Through a mind-body relationship, the programme aims to achieve total long-term equilibrium. This service is stress-free, unlike the typical method of meeting with a certified healthcare practitioner or requesting a skilled physician.

Neuro Balance Therapy does not require any specialised apparatus. You only require your spike ball. By rubbing your feet on the stability balls, you can stimulate dormant nerves in your feet. This spike ball is equipped with technology that stimulates the peroneal nerve in the feet.

neuro-balance therapy program

The Neuro Balance Therapy Program Order Packages

Each order of the Neuro Balance Therapy package includes the following components.

Spike Ball

The therapy spike ball is not merely an ordinary rubber ball. It is constructed with technology that stimulates the nerves and features several crystalline spikes. The crystalline particles provide stability and relaxation, while the stiffening touch stimulates the foot’s dormant nerves. It assists in enhancing mobility and preventing falls.

Disc containing Neuro Balance Therapy

In the Neuro Balance Therapy DVD, Chris has included exercises, recommendations, and routines. These instructional videos use smooth, gentle motions to strengthen and stabilise your feet while stimulating the dormant nerve. These manoeuvres will prevent you from tripping and falling.

These fitness videos are divided into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We suggest beginning with beginner-level exercises and eventually progressing to the advanced level. This will allow you to improve the outcome over time while gaining an understanding of the entire process. However, if you find it insufficiently beneficial, you can skip directly to intermediate or advanced exercises.

Additional Neuro Balance Therapy bonuses

The Neuro Balance Therapy package from Dr. Chris Wilson includes the following bonuses.

20-Point Checklist

Dr. Chris has created this brief report to assist you in securing and protecting your home. This concise report provides 20 checklist suggestions and strategies for ensuring your well-being, regardless of whether you reside with family or alone.

This 20-point checklist is popular because it enables individuals to live safely at home without worrying about their mobility or their ability to move.

Downloadable Version

Access to a digital version of the neuro balance therapy programme is also available immediately. It is intended for avid readers. This is intended to alleviate shipping complications for customers who purchase DVDs.

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The leading cause of injury in adults is falling, so protect your elderly parents and yourself immediately. According to the most recent CDC statistics, over 36 million adults sustain injuries from falls, with 28,000 resulting in fatalities.

Moreover, falls may cause an elderly person to lose their dignity and be confined to bed for an extended period of time. If you or a member of your family has experienced a significant loss of balance and control, you must order your Neuro Balance Therapy package immediately.

It includes tools, suggestions, and strategies from certified professional Dr. Chris Wilson. His Neuro Balance Therapy package includes everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from falls and injuries.

Neuro-Balance Therapy should not be further delayed. Save yourself and your family immediately!

neuro-balance therapy program