Nutritional Supplement During Times Of Stress

There is no doubt that stress is a major contributor to poor health. Doctors agree that the effects of anxiety and stress can lead to heart disease, fatigue, depression, insomnia, and more. Fortunately, there is a way to combat these symptoms by taking a nutritional supplement during times of stress. Many nutritional supplements can help people feel more relaxed, calmer, and more focused.

Times you need to take a supplement

Taking a nutritional supplement during times of stress

The body can’t always keep up with the amount of stress we put on ourselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or depressed, or too stressed out to sleep, a stress supplement can help you get through it. Stress supplements are designed to help the body deal with a wide range of stressors, even those you can’t control. There are many different kinds of stress supplements available, from calming formulas to those that promise to improve your mood.

If you choose to try one, you should always start with the lowest possible dose and see how you react. If you’re already taking other supplements or medications, you should speak with your doctor before adding a new one to your routine.

What supplements can you use


The most important factor in keeping your body running efficiently is keeping your metabolism up and running. When you are stressed, your body slows down your metabolism. That is why you may feel hungry all the time when you are stressed. Your body is starving and will try to find anything to feed itself.

You may notice this when you are stressed out, you might feel like you want to eat everything in sight, but you don’t really feel the need to eat because you are actually full. Creatine has been shown to aid in keeping your metabolism up when your body is stressed out, so it doesn’t slow down when you are feeling stressed.

Whey protein powder

Whey protein powder

Whey protein powder is probably the best supplement you can take during times of stress. When your body is under a lot of stress, one of the things that can suffer is your immune system. Your immune system cells need protein to function properly, and since you are already under a lot of stress, you may not be getting enough protein from your regular diet. This means that you can’t afford to skimp on protein during times of stress.

Fish Oil

fish oil for stress

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential nutrients that the body needs but cannot make on its own. Stress can have a number of negative effects on your body, including trouble sleeping, low energy levels and weight gain. 

Taking fish oil supplements may help to ease these symptoms, but there are a few things to know before you start. First, fish oil supplements come in different types and are not all the same. Some fish oil supplements are made directly from fish while others are made from fish oils that have been chemically processed. They are often also available in different potencies, so you need to choose one that is best for your needs.

Natural Vitamin C

When we are under stress, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. This increases blood sugar, heart rate, and blood pressure. Cortisol works great for short-term stress but long-term use, it can have some serious side effects.

natural vitamin c

A natural vitamin C supplement can help reduce cortisol in the body. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and helping to relieve stress. This by itself is a great benefit of vitamin C. But, it also helps that it does not cause the dependency that many prescription medications do.

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