Best 11 Oral Sex Positions: Man’s Guide

oral sex positions
Best 11 Oral Sex Positions: Man’s Guide

When you approach standard sexual positions with oral sex in mind, Naked Twister takes on entirely new meaning. The way you lie, stand, bend, and angle your body determines the feelings you deliver and how easy she can enjoy the sensations intended only for her.

While some positions are perfect for top performance, others are pursued simply for variety, to shake up your routine, and still others are aimed to increase arousal by their novelty or exotic character.

Bottom line: she’s still getting oral (and loving it), and the thrill of arranging positions and expanding your sexual repertoire can be the ingredients that make your next “sexchange” really amazing.

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The Classic Oral Sex

Why couples like it: This soothing, pleasant posture allows you full access to her groin, as well as simple entry of her anus, if that’s what the doctor prescribed. The classic also provides for a vigorous, upward stroking motion using your tongue’s more rough top surface.

Her: The classic relieves stress by allowing her to sit back and relax while you go to town. Having her raised up on pillows is optional but really helpful in allowing her to watch your Oscar performance visually.

You: While you can kneel between your lover’s thighs, lying down on your stomach with your arms wrapped around her legs provides superior leverage, support, control, and stimulation. Another strategy to approach her is to lie down perpendicular to her body. This position is also good for your neck.


  • Lift one or both of her legs over your shoulder (s). Bring one or both of her legs up to her chest.
  • Support her feet with your shoulders.
  • Her legs should be spread or near together.
  • Instead of facing her, turn around and face the other direction.
  • Hold one of her legs up for more direct clitoral stimulation and easier access to her vulva. Sit on her chest for an almost 69.
  • Lift her legs completely over your head for more direct anal play. Move her to the edge of the bed, allowing her legs to dangle over the side.


  • Put a pillow beneath her bum for a better angle and more comfort. As you cast your spells, grab and pull her buttocks.
  • Take action away from the bed, experimenting with various flat surfaces for the classic, such as your back yard or sofa.
  • Gently press your palm upward on her lower stomach, stretching her skin away from her pubic bone and intensifying feelings.
  • Sit on her legs for an assertive, pin-down effect.
  • Encourage her to move, especially when it comes to assisting you in finding the ideal location.
  • Place yourself on the edge of a sofa, with her on the floor in front of you. Put her legs on either side of you, forcing her pelvis to lean upward. Enjoy by leaning forward.


Why couples adore it: Anything exotic is inherently seductive.

Her: Place her on her back with her legs and arms spread (and possibly gently chained to the bedposts, hmmm?).

You’re lying on your stomach, diagonally across her torso, with your head tucked between her legs.

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“Torture” her by keeping her legs open as the action heats up. Press down on the knees or calves and play with the back of the knees or the sexual reflexology point San-Yin-Chiao to accomplish this. The intersection of the three energy channels is located inside the shin, roughly three inches above the anklebone and beside the shinbone. To trigger a significant love point in the legs, press it.

If you’re into it, ask her to play with your perineum or anus with a free, well-lubricated hand. Just remember not to lose your focus.

You’re on your knees (a.k.a. Standing)

Why couples adore it: Who doesn’t like it when someone appears to be begging to respond to their every oral need? It feeds one’s desire to be domineering, at least on occasion. This position is ideal for both partners looking for a quickie, especially in public locations!

Her: She might prefer to lean against a sturdy support, such as a couch or a wall, not only for comfort, but also for greater balance.

You: Kneel in front of your partner, resting your knees on a pillow, cushion, or blanket to avoid straining your knees.

Grab her hips and bum. This allows you to press deeper into her vulva with more force when you’re pleasuring her. Consider using this move to seduce her the next time you undress her!


  • Allow her to stand with one leg propped up on a support for increased control.
  • One of her legs should be placed over your shoulder. (To assist her in keeping her balance, wrap your arm around her opposite thigh and support the small of her lower back with your palm.)
  • Keep her face away from you and her butt out for easier access from behind. Place yourself between and under her legs.
  • She can even completely bend over to display her full moon for even more access.


Why couples adore it: There are numerous sitting places of varying heights to choose from! It’s also better for your neck, and she can stretch her legs wide. She like the fact that she can see you between her legs and that you can practise so many strokes so easily.

Her: She sits in her preferred chair (e.g., a barstool, an armchair, a stool, a recliner, or a kitchen table chair) and is instructed to hook her ankles around the front two legs or over the arms for easy access.

You will need to go at this one sitting on the floor, on your knees, squatting, or standing depending on her height on the chair (plus the length of your own body).


Don’t limit yourself to standard chairs. Consider your dining room table, kitchen counter, the stairs, the edge of your bed, or the back seat of your automobile. Are you up for a genuine challenge? Put her in a squatting position.


  • As you work, ask her to demonstrate her appreciation for the unending hero worship by giving you a loving, killer head massage.
  • She can also cup the back of your head to stimulate more aggressive or deeper movement if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • To better direct your movements, have her sit in a swivel chair.


Why couples enjoy it: As the rider, she takes command, sliding across your tongue and mouth. This is perfect for those who seek direct oral contact with the anus and genitals. She’ll love being able to adjust your speed, pressure, and pelvic angle, guiding where she needs more pleasure. She can drift off into her own world with you under her, which may help her climax.

Her: She’s supposed to straddle you and sit on your chest, legs on either side. Lean her forward to make this position as comfortable as possible. Remind her that she has the option of lowering her body for more pressure or elevating herself for less stimulation.

You’re lying on your back. Simply move your head, mouth, and tongue, enabling yourself to relax and alerting your partner if you feel suffocated at any stage. You’ll require a vital signal, such as two taps on her thigh, to indicate if she’s getting carried away with any thrusting. This activity is entertaining until you choke on it! While in a subservient position, keep in mind that you are ultimately in power.


  • Instead of doing a face plant, have her hover over you.
  • Change directions, that is, have her ride your face the other way, especially if you desire deeper tongue penetration of the anus. She can rest against your knees for support if you bow your legs.
  • If she’s really flexible, as the top, she can return to what’s known in yoga as the bridge stance and suck your penis into her mouth for an acrobatic version of 69!
  • Ask her to stand at the edge of the bed while sitting on your face if she’s tall enough.
  • She can squat instead of kneel, but it won’t be as comfortable and increases the risk of her falling on you during her climax.


  • She can get greater support and balance by leaning against a wall or the headboard of a bed. You may control the thrusts by gripping her buttocks.
  • Pillows can be used to prop yourself up slightly for easier action.
  • Don’t try to “chase” her if she takes her foot off the gas or asks you to stop focusing on a specific hot place. She’s either attempting to prolong the action or needs a “breather.”

From the Back

Why couples like it: Anything with a back door is appealing to couples. You also have excellent access to smother yourself with her pussy. Her: Get down on your hands and knees for your “tongue lashing.” As you become more fired on, let your partner know by rhythmically but softly “pushing back” to get more into the movement (if he isn’t into it or wants more control, he’ll hold your hips in an attempt to direct).

You: Come up behind your lover’s genitals. Point your tongue and shove inside her vagina, fast and firmly spinning the nerve-packed aperture. Consider the same manoeuvre with her anal opening if you’re up for it and she’s into it.


You can get under her and put your face under her genitals. Lift yourself against her body with your forearms. By bending down onto her forearms, she may get a better angle.


  • Take advantage of the fact that you may never have such easy access to the perineum by stroking your tongue, knuckle, fingertip, or sex toy hard into this hot region to release the sexual energy trapped here.
  • If the stimulation is too severe with complete exposure, attempt a forceful downward stroke.


Why it’s popular with couples:

Something about sitting around with a few nibblies appeals to me.

Her: She’s lying on her side. She should attempt moving her body back and forth as she becomes increasingly aroused. She can also wrap one leg around your back to guide your rhythm, squeezing you closer to her when she wants you even deeper buried in her.

You: Select an angle, as some may allow for shallower versus deeper activity.


  • Experiment with how far you want to part her legs, as this will affect how much space you have to play with.
  • Variations: You can both be on your side. Approach giving from a perpendicular angle, with your spouse lying across the bed in one direction and you in the other. She can also lift her top leg for added variety and all-access.

Wrap it all around

Why it’s popular with couples:

This oral sex position provides unparalleled full body touch.

Her: She only needs to sit on a couch.

You should sit behind her and wrap your arms around her. Bend your body around one side of her till your mouth reaches her clitoris. You’ll eventually wind up on your side, and you’ll have to ask her to tuck her pelvis upward and draw her mons back for full clitoral exposure.

Ploughing Pose

Why it’s popular with couples: What could be more ideal than the union of calm and bliss?

Her: Lying on her back, she raises her legs straight in the air, her hands supporting her lower back, and swings her legs over her head, similar to a yoga stance. She might be able to put her toes on the floor. She may also be able to lay her legs near to her ears. Please keep in mind that this is just for physically healthy and flexible persons (yoga experience preferred)!

You: You have more direct access than you could have dreamed. You can make her groan by kneeling, sitting, or standing and bending. Go wild!

Check in with her to ensure she can breathe comfortably.

Why couples like it: Airborne genitals feel more liberated.

Bottoms Up

Her: She’s lying down, her legs crossed over your shoulders. Put your hands beneath her bum for extra support.

Variations: Depending on your height, you can deliver while sitting or standing.


  • Only attempt this if you are physically capable.
  • If you’re on your knees, treat yourself with a soft surface, such as pillows.

“69” Soixante-Neuf

Why it’s popular with couples: It has that ooo-la-la French sex charm.
You are both the receiver and the giver, so either lie on your sides or select who is on top, facing downward and in the opposite direction. If there is a leader, this person can direct the action.


In circumstances where someone is on top, place a pillow under the bottom’s head. Variations: Almost 69, where one party just does not return the favour.

68, in which one partner lies down, face up, and the other lies in the opposite direction, likewise face up.

Standing 69

Standing 69 on a high-standing bed is more easily accomplished by moving from off of 69. The “base” partner (who is almost certainly you) will have to use amazing power to lift the two of you off the bed while maintaining both of you intertwined in 69.

You can also approach this form of 69 with one person in headstand and the other standing, supporting this partner’s legs. The lover performing the headstand can then be gradually lifted such that their mouths and groynes connect. In either situation, the upside-down partner should grab the thighs of the standing partner while squeezing his or her legs into the standing partner’s sides.

Kneeling or Sitting 69

Depending on your and your lover’s height, you might want to attempt the kneeling 69, in which the “base” partner kneels. Another option is to sit on the side of a bed or chair for more comfort or stability.

Finally, if you have or are a particularly flexible partner, have your lover bend all the way over while you sit on the floor for a more from behind angle. To provide variety, the upside-down partner can widen his or her legs. For an advanced version of 68, have partners face the same direction if it’s difficult to have both of you pleasuring at the same time.

Finally, you can stand with her pussy in your face by throwing her legs over your shoulders and wrapping her arms over your waist.

Erotic Furniture and Accessories

Oral sex is the ideal opportunity for partners to think about their sex equipment. Pillows, props, bolsters, and other play equipment can introduce lovers to a whole new world of sexual pleasure, especially when movement is restricted (e.g., pregnancy, or one person may be hurting).

Consider the following when deciding how you want to bend, suspend, prop up, move, or touch each other to bring originality and variation to your oral sex positions:

Swinging sex.

The acrylic tubes of this suspension are placed over the top of your closed door when it is hung over it. After that, put her legs inside the loops and arrange them on the thighs. While you do more than lick your lips, the receiver balances herself with arm handles.

Sling Super Sex.

Place the thick pad of this sling behind the receiver’s neck for long-distance oral sex sessions. Then, using an adjustable suspension strap and Velcro cuffs, you may place her.

Sex Strap Positioning

The cushioned strap around her lower waist provides a comfortable lift for real eat-me-out sex.

Furniture for sex.

These soft but firm padded platforms are sold under brand names such as Liberator Shapes and Love Pegasus and come in a range of inclines, platforms, and shapes. Have fun experimenting with different sexual positions, such as those that aid in climax and raise the pelvis for enhanced oral sex stimulation.

Taking Your Performance on the Road

You’re ready to have oral sex in the vast outdoors, which means anywhere other than your bedroom. So, whether you’re looking at your washing machine, balcony, or shower in a new light, or deciding whether oral sex feats requiring a closet, automobile, plane, or train are worth the risk, consider the following:

Access to the mouth. How easy will it be to meet the lips and genitals? Depth. How much of your lover’s loins will end up in your mouth?

Angle. Can you get to her major hotspots? Space. What do you have to work with?

Comfort. Will either of you be bothered, especially if you want to stay in your position for a long time? Props. Is it possible to make the sexual environment more comfortable? Are any improvements required?

Component of fantasy What might make oral sex outside of the bedroom so exciting, aside from the possibility of getting into serious trouble in some cases?

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You should have plenty of chances to have many oral trysts all over the place, so don’t worry too much about what you can do. Seize the day! Simply try it, knowing that being flirtatious with some flirting and foreplay will improve the pleasure of any oral sex venture.

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