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Creator: Alex Miller


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Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Strong system is a comprehensive workout and fitness guide for women that helps them regain their strength and stamina. Alexander Miller

What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

The system targets leakage and other undesirable side effects associated with a weak pelvic floor. The majority of women develop these systems as they age. Many women combat a weak pelvic floor by performing pelvic floor strengthening exercises to regain bladder control.

Alex Miller, a Canadian fitness instructor and women’s health specialist, created Pelvic Floor Strong. Alex resides in Vancouver and has assisted tens of thousands of students with pelvic floor issues.

The digital version of Pelvic Floor Strong is the most popular. This option allows you to receive all materials via email, allowing you to immediately implement the lessons.

You can also purchase a physical copy of Pelvic Floor Strong, which will be shipped to your address.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Pelvic Floor Strong programme works and what you’ll learn throughout the course.

How does the Pelvic Floor Strong function?

You will learn strategies, therapies, and techniques for strengthening your pelvic floor in Pelvic Floor Strong.

The programme disseminates these techniques via a series of videos and manuals. If you order the physical version, you will receive printed guides and device-compatible DVD videos. If you order the digital version, all content will be delivered in digital format.

Pelvic Floor Strong emphasises the effectiveness of Kegels and other exercises. Kegel exercises can stop pelvic floor leakage quickly. Women who regularly perform Kegel exercises have fewer symptoms of a weak pelvic floor.

In light of this, Pelvic Floor Strong walks you through various strategies in a step-by-step manner, explaining how you can target a weak pelvic floor, flatten your stomach, reduce the “pooch,” and enjoy other benefits.

Among the specific subjects covered in Pelvic Floor Strong are the following:

  • How to enhance pelvic floor strength
  • How to reduce the symptoms of pelvic floor disorders, including urinary incontinence
  • How to enhance sexual confidence, sexual desire, and sexual function
  • How to target a weak pelvic floor through movement sequences and exercises
  • The keys to flattening your stomach
  • After childbirth, you can target your “pooch” with these techniques.

The programme also includes techniques for addressing lower back and hip pain. Many women experience joint pain as they age or following childbirth.

What Does Pelvic Floor Strong Include?

Pelvic Floor Strong contains videos, manuals, and additional materials. You are provided with everything necessary to strengthen your pelvic floor. If you purchase the digital version of the programme, you will receive the products digitally. If you purchase the physical version of the software, you will receive DVDs and printed instructions.

The comprehensive Pelvic Floor Strong programme includes the following components:

Strong Pelvic Floor Introductory Video: Alex walks you through the exercises, techniques, and strategies you can use to strengthen your pelvic floor and address pelvic floor issues. She introduces the program, explains the science behind it, and describes the subsequent steps.

This manual provides women who wish to strengthen their pelvic floor with step-by-step instructions, descriptions of each movement or exercise, and other suggested therapies.

Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist: Diastasis recti, also known as “the pooch,” is the visible extension of the abdomen after childbirth. During childbirth, your abdominal muscles separate, resulting in a noticeable pooch. This guide describes how to get rid of your muffin top, flatten your stomach, and make women of any age feel as beautiful as possible. As you follow the program, you mark off items on the checklist.

Alex explains the most effective abdominal exercises for tightening and flattening the stomach in this 10-minute video. These abdominal exercises are unlike the crunches and similar exercises you may have seen in other programmes. They are specially selected to be “diastasis safe” and to prevent back pain.

Flat Belly Fast Exercise Video: You will also receive a digital (or physical) Flat Belly Fast manual. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for targeting your pooch and flattening your stomach.

Back to Life 3 Pain-Free Stretch Video: Alex and her friend Emily Lark have teamed up to offer one more bonus guide: a guide to stretches that could lead to a life without pain. Emily teaches you stretches, exercises, movements, and workouts to live a life free of pain.

Pelvic Floor Strong Pricing

Pelvic Floor Strong is priced at $37 regardless of whether you buy the physical package or digital package.

  • Digital Package (Digital Download Only): $37
  • Physical Package (Physical Copies + Digital Downloads): $37 + $9.97 Shipping

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About Alex Miller

Alex Miller, a fitness trainer, developed the Pelvic Floor Strong programme. Since 2012, Alex Miller has held certifications in TRX, treadmill interval running, and mat pilates. In addition, she is an expert in prenatal and postnatal fitness, weight training, functional movement, and meditation.

Over the years, the Vancouver-based personal trainer has led numerous workshops, teacher training, mentorships, and other programmes.

Alex claims her mother’s struggle with a weak pelvic floor inspired her to address the issue herself. After developing a weak pelvic floor, her mother’s entire life changed. Alex investigated potential solutions to the problem, and ultimately developed Pelvic Floor Strong.

Alex directs workouts in the Greater Vancouver area. Her Instagram account, @AlexMillerFitness, has been deleted. The majority of online Alex Miller searches lead directly to Pelvic Floor Strong.


Pelvic Floor Strong is a collection of at-home exercises, therapies, and strategies for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Using abdominal exercises, pelvic floor therapies, and other methods, you can strengthen your pelvic floor, prevent leaks, and reap additional benefits.

To learn more about Pelvic Floor Strong and how it works, visit the official website today. The programme is backed by a generous 60-day refund policy, allowing you two months to try it out and request a full refund if you’re not satisfied.