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Silencil was developed recently by a fellow tinnitus sufferer who was looking for a way to get rid of his ear ringing issue. Henry Sanders created this supplement after carrying out extensive research to eliminate that dreaded ear-ringing sound. While doing this research, Henry discovered a link between brain inflammation and tinnitus. He later created Silencil alongside Dr. Thomas Peterson.

What Is Silencil?

Silencil is an all-natural product that can help you in fighting tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that causes a consistent ringing in one’s ears along with throbbing headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

By using this supplement, you can improve your lifestyle by quieting down the ringing in your ears and eliminating the symptoms that it brings along. Subsequently, the end result is a side-effect-free solution for tinnitus.

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How does Silencil work?

Clinical studies have shown that chronic tinnitus is not related to your ears, but with an insidious inflammation happening inside your brain at this very moment.

Sadly, brain related diseases like memory loss, dementia and many other dangerous ones start with this inflammation.

Your tinnitus is the red flag of something much worse that’s yet to come.

Here’s a short to the point explanation on how this formula works:

STEP 1 – Selected nutrients squash your brain inflammation

Remember, the root cause of your tinnitus is due to a brain inflammation that’s damaging your nerve cells and causes you to hear that hellish noise.

Inside the classified project files we found that the ONLY way to achieve this is to add skullcap and hawthorn.

The first thing you notice after these nutrients take into effect is the immediate lowering of your tinnitus.

And that’s because both of these miracle plants contain powerful nutrients that mixed together eliminate inflammation directly on your nerve cells and so they stop vibrating which results in total silence of your mind and ears.

And while there are over 200 species of skullcap and over 1,000 species of hawthorn, only a few specific ones can stop the inflammatory process on your brain.

STEP 2 – The noise in your ears vanishes

Finally, once inflammation is eliminated from your brain, your nerve cells start to heal and regain their strength, as well as your neuronal networks rejuvenate.

STEP 3 – Your mind and brain become sharper and rejuvenated

This is where good things start to happen.

Your focus and memory become sharper, better, clearer.

Your brain is now 10 years younger since there tinnitus is out of your system.

STEP 4 – You shield yourself against tinnitus and memory disease

Now, the entire purpose of this project is not only to set people free from tinnitus but also protect their brain against this debilitating disease on a long run.

And also shield it against memory loss or other brain related diseases.

STEP 5 – Your entire health and wellbeing start to improve

In just a few weeks you’ll be tinnitus free, your hearing will be sharp, your mind will be quiet, and peaceful and you’ll be protected against deadly brain disorders.

And because this blend is so powerful, every single cell of your body will start to transform and rejuvenate.

Silencil Pricing

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Benefits of Using Silencil

Enhances brain health

Silencil also promotes brain healing. The brain can begin healing itself once the swelling and inflammation subside. Your health can be greatly improved by this healing. You can also strengthen your neural pathways by using a Silencil.

Improves the health of the brain

Silencil will increase your mental acuity while your brain heals. Tinnitus is treated by reducing inflammation and promoting healing in your brain to improve your overall brain health. Additionally, it can improve focus, decrease brain fog, and prevent migraines and headaches.

Protects the brain from damage

Tinnitus is commonly associated with a variety of mental and neurological disorders. Additionally, Silencil reduces the inflammation caused by tinnitus, reducing the likelihood of brain damage. Silencil consumption over a long period of time may reduce your risk of developing various conditions like dementia and memory loss.

Improves mental health

The constant noise associated with Tinnitus can cause a great deal of stress. You may suffer from a poor quality of life if you are constantly stressed out. With Silencil, you’ll have that inner peace without stress, anxiety, or depression.

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Silencil Ingredients

Silencil is made from an ingredient blend to stimulate the brain and treat tinnitus. This product contains no harsh additives or chemicals. Because of this, it is safe to use for most people without causing any issues. Silencil contains the following essential ingredients.

Hawthorn Berry

Polyphenols, known as strong antioxidants, provide anti-inflammatory effects. Hawthorne counteracts inflammation by fighting free radicals in the brain. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation to ensure that enough oxygen and blood reach your brain. Blood circulation improves the body’s ability to fight inflammation.


The skullcap also promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Traditional therapies and herbal medicines have long used this antioxidant-rich ingredient. It is also a relaxant, and it can help soothe headaches and mental pain.

Oat straw

The multifaceted benefits of oat straw make it a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Constipation, cholesterol, and other ailments can all be treated by it. The benefits of oatmeal straw on your nervous system include promoting calmness, reducing anxiety, and easing inflammation in your brain.


Your brain health can be greatly improved by GABA, or Gamma-aminobutyric acid. If you take GABA regularly, you are likely to feel more relaxed and less anxious. This helps stabilize your mood by increasing the release of serotonin in your brain.

Mucuna Pruriens

Many natural supplements contain this ingredient because of its positive effects on your mental health. The brain emits dopamine, which is responsible for improving mood and lowering stress. Furthermore, it produces fewer inflammations and strengthens neural transmitters in the brain.


Silencil contains an anti-inflammatory agent that’s also an antioxidant. Many herbal medicines used Ashwagandha to promote mental health and reduce depression. Aside from boosting testosterone production and fighting specific cancers, this ingredient has also been shown to have significant properties.


Silencil contains L-theanine that helps stabilize your mood. Enhances cognitive performance, improves sleep quality, and treats hypertension. Additionally, it can improve your focus, so that your work performance improves as well.


In Silencil, you can also find Rhodiola, which is a stress-relieving herb. Cortisol hormones are regulated by this ingredient, preventing anxiety. Also, it reduces fatigue and enhances your overall brain function.


Herbal teas are among the most popular, so it is likely you’ve tried chamomile tea before. Silencil also contains chamomile, which has similar calming effects. Also, it helps you keep your blood sugar stable and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin B6, B2, and B1

The vitamins in Silencil deliver different benefits, and all are included in it. In any case, they all work together to improve your health, including your brain. Multi-health issues can also be prevented with these vitamins.

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Are there any side effects associated with Silencil?

Prior to beginning to take a supplement, you should find out whether it has any side effects. There are no side effects associated with Silencil. It is important to keep in mind that this product contains no chemicals or drugs. This formula contains all natural and non-GMO ingredients to provide the safest tinnitus remedy.

Does Silencil work for everyone?

Silencil is safe for adults over the age of 18 years old. No adverse effects or allergies are caused by this product. A physician should be consulted before beginning a new supplement, however.

When does Silencil start working?

Silencil works almost immediately after you start taking it. By reducing inflammation and improving brain health, the ingredients in this product work quickly. The ingredients in this product are completely natural, so they rapidly absorb into the body to begin healing.

Silencil is sometimes reported to reduce ringing sounds in the ears in people who consume it. However, the significant brain-enhancing effects can take some time to manifest. In order for this product to work effectively, its ingredients must be absorbed properly by the body. It is for this reason that you need to keep taking it regularly.

Silencil often produces better results the longer a person takes it. After some time, you should be able to eliminate the ringing in your ears. Furthermore, continued usage will prevent recurrence of tinnitus while also reducing your risk of brain disorders.

Dosage instructions for Silencil

It is easy to use Silencil. Each bottle contains 30 pills to last you a whole month. A single pill should be taken with water every day. Manufacturers recommend taking supplements every day at the same time.

Silencil Pricing and Refund

Silencil can be purchased as a single bottle or as part of a 3- or 6-bottle package. With the bundle package, you’ll save significantly. In addition, if you opt for six bottles, you can get bulk discounts. Silencil prices are listed below

  • $294 for 6 bottles
  • $177 for 3 bottles
  • $69 for 1 bottle
Silencil Pricing
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Can it be refunded?

The Silencil refund policy extends to 60 days. Those who don’t notice any improvement in their tinnitus issue can get their money back. Regardless of whether you’ve used two bottles of Silencil, the manufacturer will give you a full refund. 


To conclude, Silencil is supported by scientific studies that have confirmed the results of the removal of any kind of mental disorder or chronic diseases. If you feel any kind of Ringing, Buzzing, fatigue, whooshing, or ringing inside the head, you are advised to go for Silencil.

It will ensure the restoration and absolute treatment of anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, ringing, or any alike symptom. Moreover, it strengthens the brain wiring for a healthy and interruption-free transmission.

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