Christian Weight Loss Affirmations

Christian Weight Loss Affirmations
Christian Weight Loss Affirmations

If you’ve ever done it before, understand it may sound pretty weird or even type of voodoo. But swear you, positive affirmations can really transform you. These powerful, printable weight loss affirmations are specifically designed to make you realize just how awesome you really are. And that’s because they’re written to trigger a flood of endorphins in your brain – the exact chemical reaction you need to lose weight and feel better immediately.

What exactly is this amazing weight loss affirmation technique? It’s called the Healthy Eating Compact and it has worked for so many people. The Healthy Eating Compact consists of four affirmations that, when combined, create a powerful new way of thinking about food. The four affirmations are:

Healthy eating is the solution to my weight loss problems.

By singing these words to yourself over, you’ll have transformed your mindset. Your previous thinking about food was negative and focused on keeping weight at bay. With the Healthy Eating Compact, singing these positive affirmations becomes your new way of thinking about food and losing weight.

I will eat healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods is the most important part of my weight loss plan. To make the Healthy Eating Compact even more effective, include some positive affirmations about how eating healthy foods will make you feel. For example, you could say something like, “I feel great every time I eat a healthy fruit.” This is just an example – the Healthy Eating Compact includes thousands of affirmations.[1]

I will do exercises that will work.

Most people don’t believe in the effectiveness of positive weight loss affirmations. They have the tendency to think that they have to do things that just don’t work. When you’re motivated and working toward your goals, it’s easy to let those old negative thoughts keep you from moving forward. With the Christian weight loss affirmations, you can be sure that the work you do will actually work for you.

So I will change my bad habits.

The Healthy eating Compact also includes plenty of affirmations that promote healthy habits and give you ideas for making healthier food choices. You may find it helpful to read through the affirmations and then sing them to yourself as often as you can. The repetition will help you develop new healthy habits and shed the old ones that are causing you problems.

So I can have a positive outcome.

A popular affirmation that is used is, “I am going to eat healthy foods and get exercise every day.” This is very important. affirmation says that you can get things done even when you’re not doing them. People really enjoy statements like that. When you’re motivated and putting the necessary effort into your goals, it’s easy to slip into old habits that cause you problems rather than results you’re looking for.

The key with weight loss affirmations is that they should be spoken daily and in a positive manner.

It may take some time but once you have changed those behaviors you have adopted, you will find that it is easier and more effective to keep on with your healthy eating and exercise plan than it was when you were still procrastinating. When you’re finally ready to start your day with a positive affirmation, make sure that you choose one that you truly believe in.

I will become more successful.

Affirmations often contain a motivation statement like, “I am going to work out more and eat healthier foods.” If you have a goal you would like to accomplish, always include that as part of your daily positive affirmations. You’ll be surprised how this works and once you start to see the results, it will become easier to stay motivated and continue your weight loss journey.

I will lose my belly.

When people say to themselves, “I am going to lose my belly,” there’s usually an immediate correlation between that thought and the need to drop weight. However, the truth is that excess body fat increases the risk of heart attack and cancer and there are healthy ways to lose that excess weight. If you want to lose belly fat, you must first cut down on your overall body fat percentage. To do this, you must adopt a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise. These are the most effective ways to shed extra pounds around your waist.

Conclusion – Weight Loss Affirmations

To summarize, you can use daily affirmations to help you attain your goal. Do this every morning when you wake up and read your affirmation. Also incorporate it into your daily routine. The best place to do this is at the end of your day when you close your eyes and visualize your ideal weight. When your visualizations and affirmations are powerful enough, they will make you feel strong and keep you on the weight loss journey.