How to Do Muscle Testing For Supplements

Muscle Testing For Supplements is a very useful tool. It helps you find the best supplement which will have a higher probability of success. It’s not just about the supplements that can help with a specific problem, but also about those that will be able to help with all your imbalances.

muscle testing for supplements
Muscle testing for supplements

In muscle testing, you hold an object in one hand and it will either get heavier or lighter depending on what the body needs. You then hold another object in your other hand and it should produce the same result as the first one. This way, you can find which supplements are most important for you to take without wasting time and money on things that won’t work.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is a technique that has been used for centuries to diagnose different body parts, muscles, and organs.

Muscle testing is typically done with the subject’s arm extended and their palm open.

muscle testing
Muscle Testing

The practitioner applies pressure with one of their fingers on the subject’s wrist or arm and then asks the subject to resist, if they can, by pushing back against that pressure.[1]

The strength of this pushback is then evaluated as strong or weak.

This technique can be used to test any number of body parts in order to help determine what may be causing an ailment in that area of the body.

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What are the Benefits of Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a simple, yet powerful technique for accessing information in the unconscious mind.

The benefits of muscle testing may include:

-Gaining insight into the cause of a problem or illness

-Identifying what we need to do to heal ourself, and when to work on healing others

-Accessing information about life purpose and direction

-Discovering what we are really here for

Muscle Testing Supplements

muscle testing for supplements

When you purchase supplements, have you found that they do not deliver the results you expected? 

Whenever I consume anything, including supplements, I test it first. I am a huge fan of muscle testing. While some people believe in it and others don’t, you’ll find the results difficult to deny after you’ve tried it for yourself! 

There are many different kinds of health practitioners all over the world who use muscle testing, sometimes called applied kinesiology.  It is a method of assessing the body’s needs that is non-invasive. 

It can be used to assess a variety of things anywhere and at any time. This is often done in order to determine whether an imbalance, allergy, or intolerance is causing discomfort or negative side effects such as weight gain, bloating, or exhaustion. 

It can be used to detect vitamin, mineral, or amino acid deficiencies or excesses.

How to Do Muscle Testing For Supplements

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Be a part of the vibration!

What are the steps? Throughout the universe flows what is called “law of vibration”. Every sense we have – touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell – is vibrating. 

Atoms vibrate physically and have an impact on the world around them. We are therefore affected by these vibrations. 

If it is supplements, food, people or situations, we are looking for those that are positive for our bodies and our immune systems, and eliminating or limiting exposure to those that have a weakening effect. 

I have used muscle testing tools and principles to create the most positive internal and external environments for my training, competition, and life. 

As such, I try to surround myself with positive energy, so I am able to function at my peak. The way I monitor and check things, primarily I use it for confirmation when I have any doubts, is with muscle testing. 

Our bodies are complex, but they interact with one another. Organs, muscles, bones, and glands are interconnected with energy circuits, such as nerves, lymphatics, and energy meridians. 

As a result of imbalances or due to blockages due to disease, injury, or toxin overload, muscle circuits are said to “shut down.”. 

The system is able to heal faster when the body’s energy is balanced. By testing an indicator muscle, you can determine which parts of your body are strong or weak.  

A muscle test can help you determine what foods and supplements are beneficial to your body. It is important that you have all of this information at hand before making health-related decisions. 

Muscle testing methods range from very complex and use reflex or acupuncture points to determine weak points in the body to very simple tests for strength of muscle in response to certain foods and supplements. Over the last 30 years, muscle testing has become increasingly popular. 

However, most health care practitioners including medical doctors, chiropractors, and naturopaths use muscle testing in their practices as well. 

Muscle testing can either be done for you by another person or you can do it yourself using various methods. 

Often, your arm is used to test your muscle strength as an indicator.

Your other arm is extended straight out, to the side of your body, while the tester places a hand on one shoulder. 

Tests are performed while you are holding the food or supplement in your free hand.  

The substance is not good for you if your arm cannot stand strong. On the other hand, if the arm can stand, then the substance is good.

What are Some Supplements to Test with Muscle Testing?

While there are a variety of different supplement assessment methods out there, muscle testing has a reputation for being one of the most reliable.

This is done by asking questions about the chosen supplement and seeing how the muscle reacts to it. If it contracts hard, then you know that it’s not an appropriate supplement for that person.

How Muscle Testing Works and How to Perform a Test on Yourself

muscle testing applied kinesiology (AK)
Muscle Testing Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Muscle testing is a technique that uses the energy from your own body to answer questions. It is also called applied kinesiology or A-K.

Muscle testing helps you assess the condition of your body and determine what needs to be adjusted in order for you to heal or maintain good health. The muscle tester uses their hands on either side of your body in order to check for any imbalances, while you are holding a piece of paper with a question written on it. If the muscles are weak, then they will fall down, and if they are strong, the paper will stay up without sagging.

Here are two ways to test yourself:

Standing test

Put on flat shoes or stand barefoot. Place the food or supplement in your hand. 

Say, “I am doing this for my body. It is good for me.” Stay still for a few moments, and your body will begin to move forward or backward. 

In general, substances which move your body forward are positive, while substances which move your body backward are negative.

An index finger test and a thumb test

Your left hand should be held up with your thumb and index finger pointed. Your fingers should be parallel to one another. 

With the fingers of the right hand firmly apart, place the thumb and index finger of the right hand on top of and outside of the fingers of the left hand. 

Place the substance you are testing in front of you (or think about the substance). If the substance is positive for you, you will feel your finger or thumb hold strong, if the substance is negative for you, the finger or thumb will weaken and close together.

Muscle Testing for Supplements and How to Choose Which Supplements are Right For You

Muscle testing is a method of testing whether or not your body is getting the specific nutrients it needs. It has been used for decades and is a true form of biofeedback.

It can be helpful in determining which supplements are best for you, as well as if you have food sensitivities or intolerances. If you have chronic illnesses, muscle testing can help determine if the illness might be caused by a nutrient deficiency.

A person will hold one hand out with their palm facing up while grasping the wrist of the other hand with their fingers. The tester will then push down on the person’s arm and see how much force it takes to push it down, and how quickly it returns to its original position.

The amount of force needed to push down on your arm typically varies greatly from one person to another. For example, a tall, muscular male might need 50 pounds of pressure to cause an injury while a much smaller female could be injured by much less.

Conclusion and Review on Self-Testing with Muscle Testing Techniques

Learning more about what our bodies are trying to tell us can be a very powerful way for us to make better decisions that will help us feel good, live healthier and happier lives.

The muscle testing mechanism applies to more than just your muscles – it can be used to find the causes of stress in your body and help get rid of them.

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